My Question: Engaging Buddhists

I had a conversation with a colleague over lunch, and we discussed about world views.

She’s a Buddhist and explained how the Buddhist view of suffering can help encourage people around her. And that while suffering is bad, how a person deals with it can have an overall positive effect as a testimony to people around them.

I agree with the general approach and shared about how my mum was divinely protected from an early detection of lung cancer etc.

While conversing I was trying to find ways to “put a stone into her shoe” and introduce The Christian view - that the world was not meant to be this way. That it’s gone wrong but God provided a solution through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Wonder how would the people here engage Buddhists or talk about those things? I’ve asked questions (to which she answered them well) but not sure what else I could have done to make her wonder more.

Any thoughts or similar experience?


There several threads on this subject. May God grant you understanding and wisdom to employ it. You can use the search function to find discussions, but here is one: Questions from Buddhist point of view.
Check it out.

And, as a Academy alum I think origin and destiny are good starting areas to leave stones in the shoe. What is the hope in destiny for a Buddhist? Loss of identity and then to what end does one hold out hope and for what? Also, if reincarnation is a belief held, having the “origin” shoe stone of karma for the first person to ever have lived. What did the first man do in prior life for which he/she is paying for when there was no prior life?


Hey Kel and Reuben!
I don’t have much to offer this conversation…still need to meet more Buddhist friends!

However, Kel, I’m gonna stick this in my back pocket:

If I had a friendly conversation that led to something deeper- I’d kindly ask this question…curious what the response would be!

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Thank you so much Scott!
Will try to use the search function more effectively!

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@Reuben_Wong, this reply is a little late. I was reading Ravi Zacharias’s book - “Why Jesus? Rediscovering Jesus in an age of mass marketed spirituality” and thought of your question when I saw a list of questions in the book. The questions are directed at new age spirituality in the context of this book but you may be able to use them as new age spirituality draws a lot from Buddhism as well.

  1. Why is the spiritual side of life so important and what do you think true spiritual experience is?
  2. If forgiveness is such a key aspect to your thinking, who is it that ultimately forgives the very motives and intents of the human heart?
  3. Gratitude without a person to be grateful to is an incomplete thought…to whom are you ultimately grateful?
  4. When you use the term God, to what or whom do you refer? Is it important to be right in our thinking about God?
  5. You are a good listener, a good trait. Do you believe God listens to your prayers when you pray?
  6. What are your thoughts on the nature of sin?
  7. What do you believe ultimately about human destiny?
  8. You are a great believer in values. What is the source of your values? ( to get to the idea …Dont morals have to be rooted in a person? )
  9. What do you think is our purpose in life?
  10. Who do you believe yourself to be?
  11. Who do you think Jesus is?

The answers to these questions will reveal the ‘why’ behind the belief and hopefully you can then provide your answers to these questions as a Christian.

God bless your conversations with your friends.