My Question: Family resource?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there are apologetics resources for families - While we our most important goal is for our kids to know Jesus and know God through His Word, I would love to walk through some of the basics I’ve learned in the Core Module and from listening to RZIM podcasts with our children! Just thinking about this as our oldest is entering high school next year…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Samantha, this is such a great question and one that is close to my heart also. My eldest is currently 7 but I am also thinking ahead to when she is ready for this sort of thinking.

You may find some points in this conversation helpful:

If you find any more resources, please get in touch again. I’m sure there are many parents here who want to feel that they have resources to train their children in this way.


Thank you for the recommendation! I will let you know if I find any other resources out there :slight_smile:


Hi Samantha!

Your desire to raise children who are strong in the faith and warriors for Truth is inspiring.

Ultimately, we all have to take ownership of our own faith but creating a family environment centered around Scripture is so powerful. My parents are my spiritual heroes and I am so grateful for the intentional time they took for family devotions and prayer. As much as learning skills and information is important, often more is caught than taught. As you and your husband model what it looks like to walk with Jesus and create an atmosphere for curiosity + honest dialogue, your children will take note.

I am not a parent but as an adult, I look back, I see some things my parents did to lay a foundation conducive to being able to defend my beliefs.

There are a lot of good thoughts in the thread Alison mentioned. Here are a few other ideas that could be fun family activities:

  • Learning to spot logical fallacies. Workbooks like The Fallacy Detective are fun ways to reinforce this skill.

  • Encouraging critical thinking. I didn’t realize it until later but through whodunit books like Encyclopedia Brown and later age appropriate mystery series’, my siblings and I were learning to think critically. Google will also produce a plethora of group exercises that can be done as a family.

  • As I grew more confident in my faith, I appreciate that my parents exposed me to other worldviews and compared them to Christianity. This helped me to 1) know that they weren’t “hiding” anything from me or expecting me to blindly believe what they did and 2) realize that I didn’t have to be afraid of other belief systems because Christianity could hold up to the scrutiny.

You might also find Mama Bear Apologetics helpful

May Jesus continue to draw you and your family closer to Himself. May your family shine brightly and stand firmly in defense of Truth.