My Question: Homosapiens vs Adam and Eve

Hi everyone,

How do you reconcile the Homo sapiens and all it’s subspecies with the story of Adam and Eve who seem too modern compared to the homosapiens? Also the time when these homosapiens lived is so far distant from the biblical accounts.

I would like to know if there is further information on this topic.


Arlyn Alfaro


@arlynalfaro80 thank you for your question. It is a very important one and something I am spending most “research” time trying to understand at the moment. I believe that it is linked to another very important question about the age of the Earth. Here is a link to a thread on that if you want to look into it:

Regarding your question, I see three stances on this. I am going to be concise here so please forgive me Connect community if my facts are not 100% accurate. This is just an overview.

Stance 1
Young earth - All life is just about 10,000 years old and homosapiens are human beings who lived a few thousand years ago. They are not too different to us.

Stance 2
Old earth - The Earth is very old. I believe they say 4.5 billion years. Homosapiens lived as the evidence suggests, however, around 40,000 years ago there was a massive change as Adam and Eve were introduced into the world. (I believe the idea here is homosapiens mated with humans at some stage)

Stance 3
Theistic evolution - I am still developing my understanding of this view but I believe it goes like this. God created humans through the evolutionary process, then at a certain time gave them a soul making them fully human.

I am still at a very basic level in my understanding of this but here are some links to further study.

I have been following Fazale Rana on Twitter @RTBFrana. His work is very insightful.

Thank you for posting this important question. I am very much hoping I can learn from others in our community about this hot topic.


This may be helpful.