My Question: how Bible view man and woman role

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how the Bible view about man and woman role… I was having discussion with my sister in law and we kind of stuck on the fact that there are not many women mention in the Bible… and we were wondering if there’s a reason behind it, because to her she felt that some how the Bible emphasize more on the men rather than the women… it felt like God is signifying more on men than women. Another example that in the Bible, the genealogy only/ mostly mention the men name… is there other explanation to this than just saying it’s the culture?

I do understand that God create man and woman equal… and each has its own role… but I’m having trouble in explaining it more in depth to support this matter…

So… I hope my question is clear enough… thanks in advance for the help… :pray::blush:



Ingka, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your question sooner. I’m glad you also posted it in the Daily Evangelism category (My Question: How Bible view women's role) where you received some good answers. I just shared a couple thoughts there rather than posting them here so that we can keep everything in one spot.

If you’re interested in what the podcast Ask Away might say about men’s and women’s roles, you might enjoy their episode “Why Is God Father Rather than Mother?” You can find a link to that episode and our discussion of the episode at Why is God Father rather than Mother?. If you have a chance to listen to it, please share your thoughts at that link. I would enjoy discussing it with you.


Thanks Jennifer. No worries :+1::heart::heart::heart:
At that time I just starting to listen the RZIM ask away from Spotify so that’s why I thought of put up my question here. But then I thought I was wrong :laughing: that’s why I put it up again in the daily evangelism… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hello @Mynameisingka !
Jennifer has posted a great podcast on the biblical view of men and women. And there’s more!

You’ve touched on an issue that is dear to Jo Vitale, so this is a frequent topic of discussion in her lectures too. I’ve posted another podcast below where she offers some additional thoughts.

It is really important to consider historical, cultural and literary styles when examining biblical details because it is a book that was written in ancient contemporary context. This adds validity to the Bible. The fact that it would be impolite to talk about a woman without proper conditions being met (which did involve the presence of a male head of the family) should be a consideration in our criticism.

Other things to consider are that Luke’s genealogy of Jesus in chapter 3 is thought to go backward from Mary (Heli being Mary’s father) but mentions Joseph because Joseph would have been accepted as a son through marriage.

However, Matthew’s genealogy is thought to go forward to Joseph. Eventhough Joseph was Jesus’s “legal, earthly” rather than biological father, the promise to bring Jesus through the line of David was met in both parents whose lines converge at King David.

We do see an amazing thing in Matthew 1:5 where Rahab (the prostitute from Joshua 2) is listed in Jesus’s lineage. This, to me, does express not only the importance of women in God’s eyes, but that each of us has potential to come into God’s kingdom and bring Him glory!

Also in this same verse Ruth is listed. Who originally was a citizen of a pagan nation, but left her comfort zone to stay with her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi. God used this sweet commitment to bring her into the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Here is the link to the podcast I mentioned above. Let us know what you think!


Ingkania, I’m glad you posted your question here. Seeing it here inspired me to look for anything Jo Vitale might have on the topic, and I was blessed by her message. To be honest, I was moved to tears.

@BloomHere, thanks for finding the additional Ask Away episode. I’ll have to listen to it.


Hi April,

Thank you for sharing that. Yes it’s an issue that I would love to learn more. This is really good… thanks for the sharing the podcast link too, and I have heard that one and it’s really good… ^___^ always learn something new from these podcast. I just love them…


Yes I started to search for her talks too :laughing: