My Question: How can technology be used to embody the kingdom of God?

(Elias Kruger) #1

Hi everyone,

Our first reaction as Christians (and as humans in general) to anything new is resistance and opposition. It is true that technology brings painful disruption. Yet, it can also amplify good in ways never seen before. I am interested in the latter. How can technology be used for good and how can it be used for the gospel? I am not just talking about evangelism but also incarnation.

Any takers?

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Very interesting question. Though I’m rather confused of the “incarnation” bit. Could you expound on that?

I liken our day and age to the New Testament time, but rather than Greek, it’s English that is a common language. Rather than a Roman road, we have the internet to reach others. In the early centuries of the church, these helped spread the Gospel.

I’ve talked to some Bible translation friends about the possibility of using the newer technologies to speed up Bible translation, but I did not get very far. Unfortunately natural language processing is not my thing so it’s not like I could really add much to the conversation.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

I am going to echo @andrew.bulin 's question, what do you mean by incarnation?

(Elias Kruger) #4

Yes, excellent question. We tend to see kingdom of God limited to activities related to church attendance or spiritual practices (getting more people in the church, spreading the gospel through proclamation, getting people to pray more and read more their Bible). With incarnation here I want to expand the definition to doing things that reflect God’s kingdom in the world (poverty alleviation, Christian education, physical/spiritual/ emotional healing, community building, etc). They may not be spelling out the gospel but by doing good we embody the kingdom on earth. Does that make sense?