My Question: how do I find a video of ravi zacharias on each book of the bible

Hi everyone,

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Hi @Cvachon24! Thank you for your question! I am not sure such videos exist. Have you seen any videos like this in the past?

Hi @Cvachon24, I don’t know of a compete bible series by Ravi (someone correct me if I am wrong!) However, The Bible Project is a fantastic series on YouTube that does offer a book-by-book walk through the Bible. It is a great resource for quickly grasping the context and message of the different books of Scripture. (They also do studies of key words, biblical themes, and different genres of writing in the Bible!) Granted, The Bible Project is not super in-depth, so if you already have a strong foundation in Scripture and are looking for advanced study it might not be what you are looking for.

Are you looking for in-depth studies or for a substantial but digest-able overview?


Fantastic. Thank you Liz. I appreciate your message very much.

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