My Question: How do you do evangelism in this context?

Hi everyone,

Id like to know how you guys doing evangelism in this particular context living with the covid19 In all our Countries.


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Hi @arnoldsotelo86 thank you for posting this important question to Connect. I think that the Christian world view has an advantage during this period as we have a coherent explanation for suffering and why death has entered into the world. In this post I have explained what the Christian’s response to suffering should be. This may be helpful.

Thanks be to God through Jesus we can experience freedom now from the effects of the fall and upon His return, the whole creation will experience freedom from sin and death. This is the hope we have to share with people during this time. In this post @arnoldsotelo86 I have shared three different ways to share the gospel.

If you have any questions about any of this let me know and I would be happy to expand on any of the points. Thank you very much for your heart for the lost. I will pray for us both!

Holy Spirit please lead people to @arnoldsotelo86 and I who are seeking you. Please provide opportunities for us to share the gospel with people we meet, in Jesus’ name, and turn their hearts to their Father.

Good question!

Spontaneous thoughts:

  • Fundamental to evangelisation is prayer. Fervent prayer. When we, as believers, cannot be going about our normal lives, we may find we have a lot more time for, guess what - prayer! “Without me you can do NOTHING!” “With God all things are possible.” The Holy Spirit is not affected by the coronavirus - in His own very creative way, He is without doubt able to touch many, many people, who would not normally hear or pay attention, to His voice. “The fervent prayers of a righteous person are very effective!”

  • It is in times of crises like this one, that many people turn to a Higher Power in desperation. Ironically, it is in times when they try to “save their lives,” that they find the Saviour who said “If anyone tries to save/keep his life, he will lose it; but anyone who is prepared to give up his life for my sake, will find it.” The Holy Spirit uses such experiences to give people a whole new perspective on what is valuable and meaningful in life. We need to be ready to recognise these people. When Cleopas and his partner were walking home to Emmaus after the devastating and confusing events of the first Easter weekend, the Lord joined them, and walked with them a long time, without them realising who he was. It was even longer before they did. My point being that God is more interested in reaching people than we have ever been, and He is always ahead of us - speaking to people without them necessarily realising who He is. Sometimes, we are the ones who have to do or say some small thing, that triggers the reaction and reception of the Lord Jesus into their consciousness and lives.

  • Many people (at least in countries I have lived in) think that going to church is the key to salvation and so they have got into the habit, Many see church as the place to make new social and business contacts, who can be useful to them in the future. Now when there may be restrictions in maintaining the habit of going to church, they may look for worship services on the internet - and perhaps be led by the Spirit to visit a site where they hear the good news in precisely that way that they need to hear it to be convinced. If we know people who “miss church” we could point them to a wide variety of such sites - including the RZIM or The Gospel Coalition, or one of many others.

  • a pandemic like this one makes disease and death very very “in your face.” Apart from the health aspect itself, the reprecussions for our social lives, our economic situation, the disruption to our children’s education, social and psychological development, are made very very apparent to us. If we know people who are directly affected, or who are losing loved ones, seeing their plans crushed, losing jobs, whatever, we can grieve with them, offer to pray for them, show them whatever kindness, support, and hope that is within our means, and demonstrate the compasion of God. The good news is that God is suffering with them, knows what they’re going through, and cares. And He can give hope - through us.

So, the message remains the same, the context does nothing more nor less than provide us with new and different means, opportunities and contact possibilities. God continues to be “there” and He is not silent. Plus, He is the creator, He does not allow any opportunity go to waste, and He will NOT be defeated by the scare tactics of the Evil one. Death has already been defeated. The Good News remains just that - Good News!