My Question:How do you do inductive Bible Study

(Sally Alexander) #1

Hi everyone,


For several years, my Bible study has focused on reading His Word from cover to cover and doing word studies. I have done individual book studies in the past, and had briefly read and appreciated the site:
which at one time had (what was for me) excellent instruction on how to study His Word using the inductive method, with clear details on symbols used to mark the text, etc. It was similar to my lengthy posts. Now, the website has changed, and I can no longer find the article which had been so helpful to me. Now, it seems to be more like bullet point power point slides that give an overview, but no detail, and links to specific bible studies. Is it still there, and I just can’t find it?

Does any one know where I might get good instruction on how to study a book of the Bible? I am especially interested in learning the inductive method which was once available at I am not looking for a study someone has already done, but the details of how to do it, the symbols used to mark text, etc.

Do you use inductive bible study? If so, can you share the details of how you do it?

Thanks so much!

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

Try this. I think you will need to fill in the blanks and they will grant you access.

(Sally Alexander) #3

@Jimmy_Sellers Yes! That is what I remember seeing! Thanks SOOO Much!

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

You are very welcome. I have a good friend who is a big fan of the method. Good studies.