My Question:how to tell them?

(chris john) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Chris, I have been recently seeking to know what God would have me do, I am 46 years old and have spent most of this time working me out with God, I have been quite a mess and still is but now I feel I am in a place where i should be doing something more like telling people about the one who made it all better for me, Jesus. The people I know are in need of Him just like me, but their world view don’t have God as I understand Him. I don’t know where to begin , I really don’ t want to come across as preachy, I don’t feel I have that right,so my question is how do I begin to tell someone about Jesus when there is never an opening to, or lead up to this?

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #2

Thank you for your heart’s desire. May the words be granted to you for sharing the good news.

  1. Be a friend and come along side someone who may be struggling. There will be times and the spirit will enable dialogue. Just ask questions. No preaching necessary. :slight_smile: you will get to know their heart and be able to minister to their specific needs.

  2. There are good threads here in connect that will give you some concrete examples. See: Conversation starters

Also: 9 Rules From Chris Pratt.

  1. Easy one: I ask strangers, do you believe every person has intrinsic worth? When they say yes, which 99% of people will say, I follow up with a 2nd question and ask them: Why?

Hope some of this assists.


(Ruth Marie Romero) #3

Aloha Chris. Thanks for your sincerity. I am 47 and can relate to what you are asking. I have spent my whole life working out my salvation and sanctification. I like Keldon’s reply. I have come along side many unbelievers as their friend. Sometimes it is a long time before I ever share Jesus. I mostly slip him in here and there by just talking about him as my friend who has helped me all my life. If you are sincere and have a trusted relationship with people , they are listening and watching your life. Even if you think they don’t care or agree the seeds are being sown and the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts. Just open your mouth. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Your heart desire is genuine and your words will flow from that.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

I appreciate your heart @chris2. I can only give you some general guidelines which may help since I don’t know the details. You said that like you, they are in need of God as well, but they don’t have God in their worldview. You said you know these people, though I’m not sure about your relationship with them, like if there’s a friendship or maybe at least the same context where you could always interact with each other.

What you could do is at least build relationships with them intentionally. Get to know them then find something you think that interests them (This will help you know how you will approach them). If you begin to develop a friendship they may open up with you about their problems. You could minister to them by being a listening ear and a comforting presence. Or maybe somehow help them in some concrete way (you can involve people you trust in church on this, maybe you can connect your friends with other Christian acquaintances as well). If they’re open, you could pray for them. You can let them know that you’re a Christian. You can tell them about how Christ has helped you in your life, talk to them about what you’ve read in the Bible and how it spoke to you, etc. The key here is to truly love them and not see them as a project (People will feel this). We pray and do this and leave the results to the Holy Spirit.

(chris john) #5

Thank you Keldon_Scott, Mromero8 and Omnarchy for your sincere responses and advice, i found nuggets in each and will certainly apply the ones I am comfortable with,I appreciate the links Scott. Thank you guys God bless.