My Question: I am curious on people's thoughts on Marijuana

Hi everyone, I pray that all of you are well today! My name is Eric Cohen from Kansas City, Mo. I was curious what yall’s thoughts are on Marijuana? I do not want to go against what God wants for me but use medicinal cannabis. I have shared this with other folks before who don’t have the most positive things to say about this. I have cut my usage way back but still use daily, is this hindering my walk with Christ? With the help of medical cannabis i have been able to come off of 5 other Psych meds that in my mind are a lot worse for my body. Thank you for reading and any input you may have. I hope everyone has a blessed day!


Hi, Eric!
Welcome to Connect! I was intrigued by your question mainly because I am not familiar with anyone who has been prescribed/uses medicinal marijuana. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. :slight_smile: As for your question…

…I would say that you would be the best judge of that! It sounds like you went through a discerning process with the various psych meds (whether or not to stay on them), so I wouldn’t see this as any different. Assuming the prescription you have is legal, of course. You know your body and mind better than anyone else. Perhaps though, it might be good to also consult those closest to you? (Or maybe you’ve already done that?)

Generally, how you walk with Christ will be reflected in how you walk with/relate to others. So if the legal/medical marijuana helps you exist and relate to others in a way you and others are happy with, then I think that’s a win. :slight_smile:

We haven’t had much conversation around this topic on here, but I thought I would also point you to this conversation from back in July around a similar topic.


It is most definitely my pleasure to share. I want to be as transparent as i can because i feel that is what i am called upon to do. I have suffered much from addiction, not only with legal prescriptions but also on the “hard” drugs, with that being said I just want to be sure that i am not fooling myself. I have definitely felt a conviction to slow down but have not felt the same about completely stopping. I pray about this subject constantly and i don’t feel guilt over the amount of cannabis im consuming as of right now. I tried quitting altogether around a month ago and started suffering again from anxiety and rage pretty badly. My wife is actually the one that said i should start using cannabis again after the issues arose. I have talked with other Christians about this and mostly have gotten the same answer about how it is altering me and my walk with Christ. In my honest opinion though, i felt way more altered by the plethora of meds i was taking. Such as Adderall, Depakote, Xanax, Rexulti, and some others. I was put into the system as a child, I started taking Psych meds around the age of 7, and to me this is a welcome change. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question :heart: :heart:


@ericlc25 Here are a couple other thoughts on the subject. It sounds like you had a rough life growing up and developed some addictions, in your case through no fault of your own. It also sounds like you are trying to address those addictions by weaning yourself off of the harder and more addictive drugs, and have found an alternative that is working for you to keep you away from that stuff.

If the alternative allows you to be at peace and in a better frame of mind and a better person, then it is difficult for me personally to see this as a bad thing. Maybe over time you will also be able to wean yourself off the cannabis as well, and this should be a goal, but it sounds like your head and heart are in the right place.

If you strive to study, learn, and advance your Christian faith then I think you are doing what we all here are doing. I would not internalize this too much. Your relationship or walk with Christ is between you and Christ, and no one else. It sounds from what you have said like you take this relationship seriously.

We all have our crosses to bear. You seem to be dealing with and making progress with this one. Maybe by using a bit less every day, you can slowly break this habit like you have the others.

In the mean time, pray, study, and put your destiny in Gods hands while doing all you can to strengthen your relationship with Him.

God Bless and good luck with your endeavors.