My Question: I want to gift participation via livestream to the May 23-24th institute

(Anne Smith) #1

Hi everyone,
I would like to prepay for live streaming the May 23-24th event for a couple of pastors/ministers. I’ve created an account for myself, but am not sure how to do this. Can someone help me?

(Luke Baggett) #2

Hello @asmith4045,

Unfortunately, the platform itself is not set up to accomplish this since you need to be logged in to register each individual account. However, If you would like to give us a call, one of us in the Prayer and Resources Dept. can take your payment information over the phone to cover the registration costs. Then, once the pastors/ministers create accounts within Connect, we can give them access to the livestream retroactively.

If this sounds like it will be satisfactory, give us a call at (770) 449-6766, between the hours of 8:30-4:30 EST. Monday-Friday and we would be happy to assist you with this.

(Anne Smith) #3

I created a log on account in my name and paid.
I registered the ‘delivery address’ to Bradford Roy, one of the two people who wanted to livestream, and included his email address.
He received a receipt. Would it be o.k. for him to log on as ‘me’ and join the conference, or should I call customer service and have the create a log in dedicated to him as you have suggested?
If so, I will be glad to do this.

When I asked him if he ever listened to Ravi, he sent me a photo from his car, as he traveled that morning with a copy
of “Jesus Among Other Gods” on the dashboard.

The other person is my son, who is the associate minister at our church, and I know all his information and can create an account and buy the livestream on his behalf without
any problems.

(Luke Baggett) #4

Hello @asmith4045

We would recommend that you encourage Bradford to go ahead and set up his own account so that he can participate in Connect and join discussions securely on his own. We can grant him access to the livestream on his own account manually so he doesn’t have to use your login.

Let us know when he has done this and we will grant him access.