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Hi everyone,
I just finished leading a small group using the EveryDay Questions material. The material was very well received, the discussions were terrific and people felt that they took away a good number of useful concepts for personal evangelism efforts. The only downside was that the DVDs did not contain a closed caption option. Some speakers spoke very quickly, some had accents that made comprehension of their comments a little difficult to comprehend and some let their voice volume drop at times. I hope RZIM will consider adding CC in future production of the DVDs. In the meantime, I should note that members of the small group who borrowed the DVDs and listened to them a second time at home, found that more of the content was understandable on the second hearing. Overall, I say again that the program is very much worth the cost and time commitment. I highly recommend it.


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Hi @DMD_Grace,

Thank you for this encouraging feedback. I will personally look into the possibility of adding closed captioning to the Everyday Questions curriculum.


Hi Carson…I would like to do an online small group over the summer with the Everyday Questions curriculum. In order to do this, I would need a digital version of the presentations. I see a digital purchase option, but it appears to be $20/person. So if I had 50 online participants, it would be $1,000, which is prohibitive. In addition, I’m not sure if I can reuse those licenses for other people later. Am I understanding the pricing correctly, or is there another way to license the curriculum at a more reasonable price, and for repeated use? Thank you.

Hi @Geno,

I will send you a PM with further information. Thank you for reaching out!

HI @DMD_Grace,

I am happy to share with you that the videos in Everyday Questions on our digital platform now include closed captions!

You can learn more about this option here:

Oh my! I will have to come back to RZIM Institute when the bookstore is open! That must be the method to Divine madness when it has to close early on a Friday. I will just have to visit on a Tuesday!!!

I did enjoy the Marc Chagall exhibit in the Still Point Arts gallery. Profound expressions from early and mid 20th century.