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(David M Dennis Sr) #1

Hi everyone,
I just finished leading a small group using the EveryDay Questions material. The material was very well received, the discussions were terrific and people felt that they took away a good number of useful concepts for personal evangelism efforts. The only downside was that the DVDs did not contain a closed caption option. Some speakers spoke very quickly, some had accents that made comprehension of their comments a little difficult to comprehend and some let their voice volume drop at times. I hope RZIM will consider adding CC in future production of the DVDs. In the meantime, I should note that members of the small group who borrowed the DVDs and listened to them a second time at home, found that more of the content was understandable on the second hearing. Overall, I say again that the program is very much worth the cost and time commitment. I highly recommend it.


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(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @DMD_Grace,

Thank you for this encouraging feedback. I will personally look into the possibility of adding closed captioning to the Everyday Questions curriculum.