My Question:Is God in the room with you?

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Is God in the room with you?

What a wonder to have “eyes to see and ears to hear” Matthew 13 that it is possible for God to be in the room. For many years I operated from a posture of certainty and didn’t embrace any mystery. Today I operate from a posture of mystery and embrace certainty. For example, it’s a “mystery” why and how all of us in the forum are even communicating and being built up in unity. How we ended up “in a room” is a “mystery” but I am “certain” that I’m grateful we are all here. As for “God” it is a “mystery” how I get to commune with Him in Spirit and Truth but I am certain that I do. I am also “certain” in that relationship I have Peace that is mysterious beyond my understanding. Today…it’s a mystery the journey of faith I’m on in community, but I’m absolutely certain that Faith will work in all the circumstances of today.

How do each of you embrace the mystery of living in the posture of Hope and Love while shepherding people to the certainty of Faith?

Id Love to hear your reply’s.

In Christ I am


@nathangriffin81. Hi, my brother. WOW! What an amazing yet overwhelming question for me. Just thinking of the hope and love that GOD continues to give to me, swells my eyes with tears. It’s almost too wonderful to dissect.

I think the hope that lies within me can best be described through a tangible experience I often encounter. I can be deep in sleep, sometimes dreaming. I awake and there is a sense of merging. I am in conversation or have the surety and comfort of fellowship. It can take more than a moment to remember I live alone. But that sense of companionship continues. And deep within me, the conversation continues. Because of that tangible sense of the presence of the Lord, I have rarely experienced loneliness. I have been bored, but not lonely. Companionship is nigh me, even unto my mouth. Romans 10:8.

There is pure joy in seeing the words of a beloved song or text of comforting scripture come alive in my life. I get to live in an instantaneous place of prayer. That’s not as easily done when others are near. Consideration for those who share my space is a mandate from the heart of GOD. Because that hope must be shared, there are me and GOD alone times; and there must be me, GOD, and them times as well. And I am more than willing to do so. Why wouldn’t I want to share this gift with our world? But living alone definitely provides me with more, me and GOD times. In my other people times I lean upon the guidance of GOD’s heart who knows like none other, what is needed for each of us.


Hello Constance my friend and sister,

Thank you so much for blessing me with your reply. Your honesty let me into your communion with God and I’m grateful. Truly-We are never alone. He is with us always.

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