My Question:Is it okay for homosexuals to be married in the church

(Bronwyn pearse) #21

He makes really interesting points . I relate to the argument he is presented with and will look into them at greater depth . Thanks

(SeanO) #22

@Bronie You’re welcome :slight_smile: Yes, N. T. Wright is a brilliant guy and well worth listening to… I enjoy his sermons a lot. In this particular case is point that heterosexual marriage is actually a pattern from the beginning of Scripture to the end is very powerful - we are not talking about a few verses, but the entire pattern of God’s relation to His people and the Garden of Eden to Revelation.

(Dean Schmucker) #23

I agree that the Bible is clear in condemning homosexual behavior, but I don’t believe we in the church offer much hope for those trapped in this sin. Liberal groups resolve the dilemma by accepting it. Conservatives correctly point out the sin but I don’t hear much about a solution.
Or maybe I just am not aware of any

(Chukwudi Kingsley Ononiwu) #24

Well spoken