My Question: Jehovah Witnesses and the Ascension of Christ

(John Jensen) #1

Hi everyone,
My wife and I have been struggling with finding scripture that tells of Christ having a human body beyond the ascension. My wife has been talking with some Jehovah Witnesses and wants to discuss their belief that Jesus was not physical after the Resurrection.
Can you help with this?

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(Jimmy Sellers) #2

There are a number of verses that attest to Christ’s resurrection as being a physical bodily event. My favorite story is the encounter on the road to Emmaus. Luke 24:13-49.
Hope this helps.

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(John Jensen) #3

Thank you Jimmy!
Do you know of any verses or theological discussions that talk about Jesus’ glorified body which may explain His appearances and dissappearances while on earth, and His current physical presence in a spiritual realm (heaven) ?

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(Jimmy Sellers) #4

May be I missed your point. Are you looking for discussions outside the Bible i.e. commentators or Biblical account of discussion between biblical characters?

(Lakshmi Mehta) #5

@Johan, Have you come across the article below? It may be helpful. It has several biblical references for Jesus’s resurrection being physical.

(John Jensen) #6


Thank you so much! That is helpful!

We are getting closer to an answer.