My Question: Justice and Truth

(Venkat Varada) #1

Hi everyone,
As I examine some events in my own life that transpired in the last few weeksand also in the larger stage of events, why is it that most people want justice but they dont want the truth which is the prerequisite for justice?
Thank you

(Melvin Greene) #2

What a fantastic question, @vvarada! I like how you phrased this. Essentially, you’re saying if truth is relative, what do you base justice on? In order for there to be justice, you must have absolute truth.

In an ordered society you must have laws. Laws are based on absolute truth. Is it unlawful to take something that doesn’t belong to you? Is it against the law to murder someone? If all truth is relative, you couldn’t enforce laws and if you can’t enforce laws, then society breaks down into anarchy. A person is convicted of a crime by the truth of the evidence.

So, in asking this question, you are illustrating the reality that the statement, “All truth is relative” is, in fact, false. That’s a brilliant question, @vvarada! Thanks for asking it.

(Kevin Hurst) #3

@vvarada That is an excellent question. My thought on this question, why do people want justice but not truth. It is because we like when other people get what they deserve, justice. But truth tends to turn the spotlight onto my own life and then I want mercy and forgiveness. Truth and Justice is great for everyone else:grinning: but when truth goes against me, I cry out for mercy.

I think of the Jesus’ words, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”

But also Jesus said “that if you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” By accepting and living the truth, we can live a life of freedom.
Not sure if that is an answer to your question or not.:smiley:

(Ashish Money) #4

Your question has a answer in it… … Justice is desired something that every person wants and truth is a choice that he can make. When Justice is denied it makes a huge difference regardless of the preson’s relationship with God., but when truth is rejected it seldom makes any difference to a person who is rejecting it.
This could happen. Cause God wants us to choose the truth out of our freewill… while at the same time it is the very freewill in us seeks justice…without having to make a choice…
I hope this makes sense.

(Kathleen) #5

I would like to contend that, though some people may reject the truth wilfully, others may not realise that certain core truths are even connected with justice. What are the specific cries for justice you are hearing, and which truths are you seeing being rejected in light of those cries?