My Question: Most difficult part of sharing?

Hi everyone,

My question is pretty straight forward. What do you find to be the most difficult part for you, personally, when talking to someone about Jesus? Difficulties could be anything - fear, lack of knowledge, worries, or any other types of hindrances.

And, if you’ve found something that helps you overcome it, would you also share it with the rest of is? If you’re still struggling, please ask for help and I’m sure someone in the community will be able to respond appropriately.

My hope is that in this thread we can share honestly and openly about the difficulties we face and support one another.

I’ll go first. The hardest part for me is to consistently look to share the Gospel. I know I’m supposed to share regularly, I’m not afraid to talk about Jesus, and I know how to handle most popular objections but for some reason, I’m lackadaisical in this part of my life. It’s been helpful to surround myself with others seeking to share Jesus, but I’d love to hear input from anyone else :slight_smile:



I am currently a manager in a company that is international. As such our company has a lot of rules about talking about ones faith.

I have no issues in answering popular objections either. My biggest fear is trying to talk about the Gospel when I am unsure of the legal ramifications. In our employment law seminars they stress how talking about ones religious views as a manger can not only get your company sued but you as well.

In order to combat this fear I let the Holy Spirit guide me. I wait for natural opportunities to arise so that I can share the Gospel. In example, an employee asked me how I was able to cope with a situation I was going through, which opened the door and allowed me to share the Gospel.

In addition of late I have really been latching onto the fact that Jesus didnt come to earth to make bad people good, he came to make dead people live. As a Christian, I have a moral obligation to obey the great commission because everyday I walk past dead people and shame on me if I dont see it as an opportunity to save a life.

I hope that answers your question.
Have a blessed day.


Thanks for sharing @John.Wright. I wonder if there’s any HR pros or legal minds here on RZIM Connect that could help address your work situation. Does anything in particular hold you back from sharing outside of the work setting?


Thanks for opening this conversation @boabbott. I would have to say that my biggest challenge besides fear would be the concern that the person I am talking with will discount what I am saying because I am not a good enough reflection of Jesus’ love. I know that Christ does not call me to be perfect and that, indeed, I cannot be perfect. But, I fear that others will see my flaws and insecurities and ask themselves why they would want Jesus if what they see in my life is not enticing.

I am fairly new at this, but what has been working for me is 1) praying in the morning that God would use me during that day, 2) asking God to fill my heart with love for those he has placed in my life, 3) remaining sensitive to the nudging of the Holy Spirit throughout the day, 4) reminding myself that I can have confidence in God’s love for me; that He created every part of me deliberately and for His purposes.

I also am learning that God will provide the opportunities to share Jesus with others and that when I follow His lead I am more genuine and my responses come more naturally.

Something Vince Vitale shared in one of the more recent Ask Away podcasts also helped me quite a bit in having more meaningful conversations with others: the concept of connected questions. He starts talking about it at 12:04 in the podcast linked below.

Thanks again for raising this important topic @boabbott. God bless you brother.

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@tpauls8, thanks for being so vulnerable. That’s really brave of you to put out there, but I think it’s also the story of all of us. It’s a challenge to each follower of Jesus to recognize that we’re just as far from the standard that Jesus set as non-Christians. My prayer is that we would all see how merciful God is to us and we would in turn act the same way towards our lost friends and family so that they would enter the kingdom. Thanks so much for bringing that to light!


I really like that you said “I walk past dead people and shame on me if I don’t see it as an opportunity to save a life” that sentence has put a better perspective on the importance of the gospel. Thank you.


Outside of work I have no issues sharing the Gospel. Ironically on Friday our company had us go to a training called cultivating Inclusive conversations.
The training consisted of how to talk about sensitive topics like religion, race, gender.
In the case study John(a Christian) made a statement about the Paris bombing blaming it on Muslims. Which offended Miriam(a Muslim). Their proceeding conversation was all about John’s education and his insensitive statements about Islam.
The entire seminar as I’m watching this unfold I was praying for the Holy Spirits guidance because I knew I had to say something.
The final segment of the training had us listening and repeating a statement from the screen in which the last line was
“ I will accept and not tolerate, differences in others to create a more inclusive environment”
The facilitator then stated no matter your world view you should be able to talk to people of different world views.

So I spoke up. I declared that I follow a judeoChristian world view and one of our core beliefs is that I should be able to answer questions about my beliefs with gentleness, respect, kindness, and love with those that have differing world views. I closed with it is possible to have these kinds of conversations provided that everyone understands that all, not some, world views are exclusive, and unless we understand that going in that the exclusivity exists at best we can have honest conversations but will not agree.

The training ended not long after it’s the closest I’ve come to openly opposing our companies diversity and inclusion council.

Hopefully it will open doors to allow me to discuss the Gospel the seminar was not pro-Christian but we shall see