My Question:Protecting our minds

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” So how do we protect our heart/mind with all diligence? So much out there with the web, phones, TV, radio, etc., that our minds can become polluted. We must chose wisely the media we feed on to protect our minds and our precious time. What sorts of strategies or habits have you used or developed to keep a pure mind? Thanks!


You are so right @BruceS, there’s a lot out there to pollute our minds.

Sometime in the last couple of years I was surfing channels on Saturday morning during cartoon time and ran across a show on a major network with a cartoon that was teaching children magical incantations. I was completely shocked :open_mouth:.

Also, so many of the TV dramas are working hard to normalize gender issues. And from what I hear text books in public schools are doing the same.

I’m not sure the best strategy is to shut ourselves off from everything, because we cannot be ambassadors in the world unless we are willing to engage the culture, as it is.

Prayer. Prayer. And more prayer. Asking the Spirit to filter out the evil while giving us a heart for all the lost who are so easily deceived. Asking the Spirit for the knowledge to know when sin is creeping at our door and tempting us.

When you turn a light on in a lighted room, it doesn’t make much difference. But when a single light pierces the darkness it has a profound effect. In a TV commercial a couple of years ago, it made the claim that a single candle could be seen from the distance of a football field in the night. We are to be salt and light in the world and to be that we must seek holiness in the midst of the darkness.

What strategies do you use, Bruce? Great post.


Thanks, Jennifer! I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Time in the Word helps me prepare for the day. Anticipating what I may run into through the day helps but I still get hit with"surprises." I have to remind myself that God is in control.

As for media I often use the off button and the mute button to silence the mindless and repetitive chatter. Sometimes the fast forward button works. Often it is a better choice to read a book, take a walk or a power nap. I have the computer screens in open view for accountability. My wife knows my email password so I don’t hide things from her (unless it is her birthday or Christmas :smiley:).

We are the only creatures on earth that can monitor our thinking. If some thought pops up that sets off my “purity alarm” then I need to stop and deal with it.

A good nights rest also makes a big difference.

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You are so on point @BruceS and @Jennifer_Judson. Let me chime in, when you peep on Daniel 1:1-16
Amazing the specifications King Nebuchadnezzzar is detailing whim he wants to serve in his palace, he wanted to mold them for his use… He said he wanted:

  • Young men
  • Without defects physically
    -Good looking
  • Suitable for instructions in all wisdom
  • Knowledgeable, perspective
  • Capable of serving
  • Teacheable in languages and literature (HCSB translation)

Basically thts is what phones, TV, radio, media etc is doing to us. They know the capabilities of human beings are fearfully and wonderfully made by our benevolent God of all creation.
Humans have the ability and capacity to LEARN, UN-LEARN AND RE-LEARN. That’s the beuty of how God of Scriptures have made us.

I also add in wht you guys alluded beautiful by saying, we have to provide the rational behind to our kids, colleagues, friends etc on why there has to be a balance when approaching these Media’s. To just say don’t watch, is not enough. Through the Holy Spirit will hav wisdom to engage and share the light thank you

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