My Question: Relating to my friends who don't believe they need religion

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Hello everybody!

This is my first post and it has probably been one of the biggest things I have pondered about in my life over the past couple years.

My friends that I go to college with don’t particularly believe that they need religion to be happy in their life. That the morals they have learned in their life and now operate on are good enough. That whatever happens after they die will be sufficient for the life they live, whatever it may be. I have a difficult time explaining to them why Christianity (and religion as a whole) isn’t something made up by people so they can explain what happens in the world.

Have you all experienced a situation like this before?

Thanks so much!

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Hello, in all honestly I think the question really isn’t about happiness its about where you will spend eternity. If Christianity is true it doesn’t matter how much good they’ve done in this world or how happy they were while they were here. On that note I would take them through the 10 commandments and see how “good” they think they really are. See we tend to trivialize the bad we do because we are always holding our lives up to subjective standards. But when we hold up our lives to the standard God has given we see ourselves for who we really are. For some this will offend them and for others this will convict them. Its all up to that individual. They need to see the conflict subjective moral standards can create.

This doesn’t mean they will accept what you say but it can be a seed planted and something for them to think about in their alone time. I would stick to the historical evidence provided for Christianity and go from there if they are doubting it being true.

I hope things go well :slight_smile:

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