My Question: Sanctity of Life: Abortion and Covid-19

Hey everyone,
I pray you are all healthy and safe. We are sheltered not scared prayed up and prepared. Now that we are hearing fresh conversations about sanctity of life amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, specifically among the medical community who are working so hard to save lives; how should this new narrative change the way we engage others about the abortion issue? Would it be insensitive to engage with others others about those doctors who work so hard to take lives in abortion clinics?
I do not intend for this question to be provocative, however we encounter a lot of people with very difficult questions in our ministry roles as apologists. Dr. Micheal Ramsden adamantly declares, “the apologist never has the right to be unkind,” and the abortion conversation can elevate quickly, is bringing it up now insensitive and unkind, or more timely then ever?

I covet everyone’s thoughts on this,

Yours, Matthew.

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Hi Matthew,

I don’t think there’s any reason why we should stop talking about abortion during this time, as long as we do it with grace and compassion! I would be careful about drawing too direct and crude links, but certainly there are ways in which the pandemic has opened our eyes to the value of human life, the importance of making sacrifices to protect vulnerable people’s lives, and ‘my body, my choice’ is being challenged in a whole number of ways (from lockdowns, to possibly mandatory vaccines, and so on). I definitely think there is value in making some of these links when the time is right (which may be a few weeks or months away) - but in the meantime there’s no need to change anything drastically - we should also be wary of trying to see everything through the lens of coronavirus, which I don’t think is necessary.
I hope this helps,


Thanks Calum, and Welcome!!!
I really appreciate your reply. The abortion issue is so divisive, and it is so painful. Some of us who may be ‘personally and emotionally attached’ to the subject of abortion, like myself should definitely be more diligent to bathe these issues in prayer: Lest we take up our own offense rather than recognizing the nature of our own offense and worshipping God for the works of good He does through us, in spite of us.