My Question: Science as God’s prophet

Hi everyone,
Question I raised just yesterday.

Greetings of peace to everyone!!!
For the past decades, lots of things were unveiled through discoveries in the field of science. Things that before seems to be a mystery to mankind. So my question is, is it safe to say that Science is a prophet of God -revealing to humanity His wisdom and knowledge that was kept hidden and is only given to those who genuinely seek?
Skeptics would lower their guards if they realize that faith in God and Science should never contradict.

Proverbs 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:
but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

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Hi there and God Bless, What a wonderful question. The greatest moments in history has been the revelation of scientific discoveries that have brought humanity in leaps and bounds to our present day.
Humanity pursuit in the betterment of our life and paving our future. These moments were realized through great thinkers and men seeking answers to life. Most of whom were Christians and were grounded in the faith of God. Does that deprive them of seeking more to life. On the contrary, that their pursuits further affirmed the Creator.
The more science expanded the narrower the challenge against the existence of God stood. It has narrowed itself within a space that now presupposes the existence scenario in assumptions beyond evidential proof.
Humanity pursuit to disproof a essence beyond our comprehension has only proven otherwise.
I believe it is by God revelation that allows humanity to expand into the arena of science that ultimately allows God to reveal himself.
As time winds down the further we seek to distance ourselves the further He draws closer.
God has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus Christ but our stubbornness still avoid the evidential proof. We seek ways to deny.
It is God’s final revelation in His return that all we have tried to disprove will finally be revealed. And all that science has bestowed to us for our good has been by God’s sovereign hand.
I hope my narrative helps. I am but a humble servant, but my faith draws me to the evidence in all that God has done.
God Bless

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Thanks for your wonderful insight. GodBless!

Hi Eufronio. It sure looks to me like the answer to your question is yes. For thousands of years mankind took it entirely on faith alone that God existed and created the universe. But certainly in the last 20 or 30 years scientists have made some remarkable discoveries that all point to a Creator. These truths have necessitated the atheist community to come up with new arguments.

In my view these discoveries have made it easier for Apologists to make a convincing case and confirmed that the more we discover and understand about the complexities of the universe, the more they point to a created universe and the more they point to a Creator.

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Thanks @bbattista, I never expected that someone would answer an outright “yes” to my question.
First of all I don’t have that much eloquence in explaining things and that’s one of the main reason why I joined this community.
Secondly I believe that there is something of use to this idea specially in sharing our faith to an atheist as they always contend science with faith in God.
I believe that being legalistic with our definition of prophet would narrow our opportunities to share the truth.
What prophets are? In simple terms they are those who received revelation from God to be shared to common man so that they may know and revere Him.
Though atheist claims they don’t believe in God, they in someway channel their faith/belief into something else, in most common case belief in science. And this idea was that science as a prophet can be our starting point.

@GloryToGod Science has long been a safe space for atheists, not due to what it told us, but because of what it did not tell us; namely that the existence of God can be proven.

But the more we learn about carbon, strong and weak nuclear coefficients, and other characteristics that point to a finely-tuned universe, the more frantic the desire becomes to come up with a way to counter this. But also, to your point, science becomes more and more prophetic, not due to any Divine direction or foreknowledge but simply in helping us understand truths, and draw our own conclusions about those truths. The truths point very clearly to a finely-tuned universe, which strongly implies creation and a Creator…

Naysayers will never stop trying to come up with ways to refute this, now by relying on speculation and theories stemming from string theory to posit the notion that there are an infinite number of universes out there and so the odds that one would have the characteristics to support life are very strong. Presumably there are infinity-1 empty, lifeless universes adrift in the infinite cosmos.

We agree that science is a prophet and that if there is a Creator, discoveries will continue to support His existence, as they have been doing. We should be cognizant of these discoveries as we progress on our Christian walk and interact with others.