My Question: Supernatural Vs Logic

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Hi everyone, I was just thinking how do one share & get the msg of our own supernatural encounter that transform us to the intellect & logical person that will led to ponder & seek the Lord with an open heart?

(Stephen Wuest) #2


This is an interesting problem. The divine nature of Jesus is the Reason/Logic/Word of God. When Paul says that the spirit of the believer is joined to the spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians), he is talking about a very deep subject. And it is mysterious (just like the lifelong bond of a husband and wife, where they are described as becoming one flesh).

Somehow, when we are “in Christ,” we are to have “the mind of Christ.” We do not lose our individual identity, but we begin to take on the way of thinking that the divine Reason of God does. We begin to grow in reason and logic. We begin to think as Jesus does. Our thinking, accepts the truths that appear in the Word of God, the Bible.

But the mystery is more than just learning truths from the Bible. Paul talks about being “filled with all the fulness of divinity.” The Holy Spirit that lives in us, will begin to communicate with us. The Holy Spirit will teach us.

How this happens, I do not know. Paul says that it will happen. And what we learn will reflect the truths in Scripture, and will be reasonable and logical.

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@oceansreefs Are you asking how we can share our story with another person in such a way that they will have an open heart to the Lord? Or are you asking how to lead our own hearts?

Ultimately, I believe we do our best to present our faith journey and evidence for Jesus rationally and persuasively and leave the supernatural bit to the Spirit of God :slight_smile:

If it is the other person’s heart, I think that there are a few things that we can do:

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in their heart and guide our words
  2. Understand the other person in a meaningful way before sharing our story so that we can try to connect God’s truth to their story in a way that will lead them closer to Jesus
  3. Understand where the other person is at in their faith journey - skeptic, seeker, young believer - and their history with Christianity (have they had bad experiences, good experiences, etc)
    1. Have a 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute version of your personal testimony to share with other people

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