My Question: The Church in Scotland

(Emilee Lavigne ) #1

Hi everyone,

Is anyone out there connected to believers or movements in Scotland? My sister and her family are there, and because of our personal story, I have a deep desire to see an awakening there. Looking for encouragement and tips on how to build relationships, I travel to the Glasgow area about once a year to visit. I am American and obviously a Christian…so I have that going against me. Ha!


(Kathleen) #2

Hello, @EGL ! I know a number of folks up there as I used to work for a church in the very north of the country! (I’m American as well, but have since moved ‘down south of the border’. Ha!)

First off, what part of the US are you in and what kind of ministry are you picturing? There are a number of networks, though the ones I’m familiar with generally tend to be more on the Reformed and evangelical end of the spectrum…

20 Schemes

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Free Church of Scotland

Greater Europe Mission

There are others, but this is a quick start. :slight_smile: