My Question: Total number of Belief Systems/gods, Past and Present

Hi everyone,
I hope my question comes across clearly. God blessed me with a wonderful mind but limited me in expression.

I was interested in knowing the total number of beliefs, belief systems and false gods that have been created threw out our history. Example: Greek gods, Roman gods, baal

Thx for any help. Have a blessed day

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Not sure where to even start getting comprehensive data on this. Ravi says India is a nation of 200 million deities. Lord alone knows how to categorize and count pre-writing and also lost documentation regarding such. Seems, though, that the number will me massive>

Why the interesting question?


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Hi Brad!

Thank you for your question. May I ask your motivation for the question? Are you speaking with a skeptic who is asking questions around this issue?

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Thx for the response. In some conversation I had I’m finding that we (Americans) don’t understand history. I found that some believe that there are only a handful of ‘Religions’ out there. So, you pick one that lines up with your believes.

I like to show that our faith system had to have truly powerful God and only threw his loving power, grace, help and interventions could it survive some many other xxx number of religions that have come and gone. Islam is accomplished threw fear and force. Ours is grace.

I also use a lot of other apologists when discipline to other. I use a lot of Ravi, John Lennex etc.

Like having as many arrows in my quiver to get the other thinking and to get a seed in. Sadly I never know which arrow/thought gets threw. B

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I find when people want to talk about how many options there are out there it is helpful to simplify the conversation. I would start by describing two major world-views; atheism and theism. Where do they fall among those two categories? And use that as a guide to start a conversation. Do they believe theism is a reasonable position? If they do then lets look at the three subsequent divisions; polytheism, pantheism, and monotheism. Of the monotheistic religions, Christianity is the one I feel has the greatest explanatory power because… etc.

This way you skip every iteration within every subdivision and move the conversation along what you believe to be true and reasonable. It is a top down approach rather than a bottom up approach.


Thank you. That will make it easier. I have to keep it simple.

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