My Question: What about predestination and free will?

Hi everyone, I have never studied John Calvin’s teaching on predestination, but I have read a sermon by John MacArthur supporting it and listened to one sermon where the teacher believes predestination and free will both happen. The reason I am interested is my daughter recently decided she believes in Calvin’s teaching in predestination after her husband told her what he believes in it. I am happy for them to be united in their beliefs as it is very important for their relationship. But it is a teaching that was always considered heresy wherever I went in the Church so I became curious to know what it is all about. I have been getting the feeling that this is a deeper subject than many know and that it is another part of God’s intricate working that we have a glimpse of but have a difficult time grasping. I would love to hear anyone’s perspective on predestination and free will.


Great question :slight_smile: I think the upshot is that you should never feel like you are less Christian for holding either opinion on the topic of predestination and Calvinism. It is a secondary issue - we can all disagree and still love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Below are some additional threads / resources you may find helpful on this topic as you begin to think through it. Tim Keller’s video is a good introduction to a more nuanced form of Calvinism.

Hi @gchop, that’s a big question!

There are several views to this answer this question and I’m sure you’ll study many of them, however, I wanted to offer one position that’s often overlooked but has recently gained traction called Molinism (Mole-lynn-ism). This link is a thread on RZIM Connect about Molinism, and this link is to a more formal discussion via podcasts, particularity parts 14-17 (also available on the Reasonable Faith app). I hope these links are good study materials as I can tell that you are a believer who’s thinking!

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This is a HUGE question. One resource I can suggest is Determined to Believe by John Lennox. I found it tremendously helpful.

Thank you! Have recently heard of molinism. I am glad to hear from different perspectives!

Oh, I love John Lennox. Thanks!