My Question: What does good look like in the absence of evil?

(David Maxwell) #1

Hi everyone, Ravi always says that God gave free will so that we may choose to love Him. He does not want automatons. Along with the ability to choose to love comes the ability to choose to do evil. When people ask why so much evil, I sometimes ask them what would good (love) look like in the absence of evil? Would we be robots? Could we love?
Then it came to me the other day… heaven! The absence of evil would be heaven. So if love can exist in heaven without evil, why not here on earth? It seems that I’ve dug myself a hole I struggle to get out of. Is it even possible to answer that question or will it be answered in His presence?

(SeanO) #2

@Maxxfish Evil occurs when sentient beings choose their own way rather than God’s way - when they distort God’s good creation or God’s law in order to gratify their own desires. In the Garden of Eden, when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve chose to define good and evil for themselves - to go their own way. When we try to make ourselves into little gods we lay ourselves open to evil - envy, jealousy, lust, ambition, greed - these occur because we have displaced God in our hearts and we are miserable failures at being our own gods.

Evil does not exist in Heaven because only those who have chosen for God to be at the center of their lives will be in Heaven. Evil exists on earth because mankind has chosen to rebel against God - as long as there are people who say to God, “My way, not Your way”, evil shall continue to exist. So our world would be very different if everyone put God at the center of their lives and hearts, but until Christ returns it will not be so.

In short, there is no evil in Heaven - in the New Creation - because God is at the center of the hearts of all those who dwell there… Evil remains on earth because people continue to choose their own way rather than God’s way.

Is that helpful? Christ grant you wisdom.