My Question: What is the best way I can serve RZIM Connect?

Hi everyone,

Please don’t write this off as trite, but I want to serve this community well and I am not sure what the best way to do that will be. Do you guys have any ideas? I was thinking about contacting Carson directly, but I thought I would ask you all since you may have some ideas. Thanks in advance…



Hi, @brian.facione. Simply put, participating in conversations is the best way. Asking good questions is an especially good way to be of service. What are your strengths? In what areas do you serve in your church, and in what conversations/categories can you help provide some insight? A good way to participate well is to set aside a time each week to be on to respond to and ask questions and to set boundaries so that you don’t burn out :slight_smile:. Don’t respond too hastily, and make sure for things you don’t know a whole lot about to do necessary research and include it in your responses. I was just watching a video of one of Ravi’s talks having to do with how to be faithful to your calling, and he was talking about how we had better make sure, especially in writing, that we are right in what we say. That means when we give facts, we had better make sure to be responsible with them and make sure that we have them right so that we are taking care to not misinform people. This builds trust :slight_smile:.

Hope this helps!


Hi Brian,

I love your heart and your question! :star_struck: :blue_heart: :boom:

This tutorial explains some of the most valuable ways to serve in Connect:

In addition, this resources explains what a GREAT post looks like.

Why not try to write ONE post that is a stand-out contribution - and see how much it stretches and grows you to do so?


thanks lindsay I am going to take it one step at a time. your advice is excellent and fitted well to where I feel I am at. Thanks

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thanks Carson I will look into these links. p.s. thanks for encouraging the heart you hear behind my question. I believe God wants me here and I don’t even know what that means… trying to be prayerful and wise. thanks again man!