My Question: who was God saying we should create man in our own image to?

Good afternoon everyone,
this is the first question my brother asked. We grew up in church, but our church is very conservative. If you asked the wrong questions you become an outcast, which is why I enjoyed RZIM as a kid. However, I was interested in my faith and wanted to learn, right now my brother is asking questions because he thinks Christianity has failed him or more like God has failed him. So, he angry and heartbroken. I am praying for him, and thank you in advance.


Hi Diweni!
In that verse God is speaking to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There is another verse that says " In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God . (John 1:1)


This is a great question. I think you will benefit from the video below concerning God’s Divine Council. And here I go again recommending a book @Jimmy_Sellers recommended called “The unseen realm” by Michael S Heiser

I will lift your brother up in prayer. If he is willing, Ravi wrote a book

I hope this info will be helpful to you :pray:t3:

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Remember God is a Trinity in relationship before he ever created the angels and man