My Question: Why did God create the world

(George Kyriacou) #1

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me with the following question?

Why did God create the world, he already had love through trinity?

Many thanks in anticipation

(SeanO) #2

@george.kyriacou Great question. The following thread addresses that very question. In short, even though God did not need to create us, He delighted to do so. We often do many things that are not necessary - like having children. We may be perfectly happy with our marriage, but we still desire to procreate and have the joy of children. It is not necessary, but it is an experience filled with joy.

Here are some thoughts as to why God created us. I suggest checking out the linked thread. Christ be with you :slight_smile:

  • to be stewards over creation
  • to be His chosen people and testimony to the nations
  • that we might bring Him glory and praise
  • that He might delight in us and we in Him
  • to know Him and be known by Him

Does God being perfect mean that He cannot delight in beings other than Himself?

Does God being perfect mean that He does not enjoy creating new things?

(Kathleen) #3

Similarly, there’s also this similar thread that was begun yesterday!

As I’ve understood it, it’s not that God needed love, it’s that creation overflowed out of that Trinitarian love. :slight_smile: