My Question: why do we still feed a child with education systems that is only futile in the end?

Hi everyone,

I understand that education is imparting knowledge for securing a job later in life but the importance attached to it is far far beyond all scope of understanding. For even an illiterate can be trained and made an expert to do any kind of job.

As the world today is begging for peace and unity isn’t our global education system flawed that doesn’t even mention God in anyway possible in either subject materials or course tutorials all the way from school to college.

when a tender mind at a tender age is polluted with all gas/air education who is then responsible for the chaos in the world.

“for a hungry man will steal a loaf to satisfy his hunger while an educated man can swindle the entire shop to satisfy his greed”


Hi, @eriik. You have some great thoughts and questions. My take on this is that education itself is not the enemy any more than other tools are. Education even in the secular world isn’t just for job acquisition. It teaches us many things for functionality in life; it isn’t altogether worthless. Biblically speaking, God gave parents and families the responsibility to educate about God and His ways (Deuteronomy 6:4-7), and education, at least in the US, is governed through the state. Though many Christians in the United States are wanting the Bible taught in schools, they do not understand that would not be a good thing. God did not ordain government or an education system to teach our children about Him. Here in the States, if the Bible is taught in government-run schools, it will be taught as merely a piece of literature that contains many myths and legends. It won’t be taught as Truth. In a perfect, ideal world, all of our doings would be in response to who God is and what He’s done. And we do have a sure hope of that someday in the fully realized establishment of God’s kingdom. But for now, much of humanity is deceived in matters regarding God’s truth. Much of humanity does not recognize or acknowledge God because of that fact, either because they are deceived or because they have made a decision not to. As a parent who is responsible for educating my children from a foundation of God’s truth, I have chosen to homeschool my children for this reason. We as believers can’t blame the education system for not teaching about God. We ourselves are responsible for that. Even if I sent my kids to public school, it would be my responsibility to bring what they are learning at the school into the light of God’s truth.

I hope I understood you correctly and that this helps!


@psalm151ls your reply opened my eyes to some truths I didn’t know . Maybe its the design of the education system that’s useless not the education itself. yeah I agree on some valid points you made. it was a mind opener to some of my obvious ignorance.


@eriik, I’m glad I could be of some assistance. We are all ignorant of something and will be until we meet Him face to face! That’s the beauty of having a body made of many believers! Iron sharpens iron, right? Thank you so much for contributing to everyone’s edification here with your questions!

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