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My Question: Why is it so easy to fall into a slump?

Hi everyone,

I struggle with often falling into a slump in my faith, with almost zero motivation to read God’s Word, spend time with Him, etc. I can feel myself feeling more and more empty, and I know what I’m ‘‘supposed’’ to do, but why is it so hard? What can I do to get out of this slump and stay on track?

Thanks and God bless! <3



First of all, can I just say that you are not alone in these feelings?!! Soooooooo many Christians struggle to find the motivation to read or spend time with God. And still we wrestle and get frustrated with ourselves because shouldn’t we WANT to spend all day with God??!!

Well, I have news for you… as Christians we war with our flesh. Paul talks about this near the end of Romans 7. The struggle we have is a result of the fact that our bodies war against doing things that please God. Not just in this circumstances, but in EVERY circumstance!! This is no different! And just like we have to turn off a movie at a bad part, or a part of a song at a bad part, we have to force our bodies to do the spiritual things that are right for us. Those things include holy living when it comes to words, actions and even spending time with God! The slump might just always be there. Don’t wait for it to change in order for you to spend time with God. It very well might not. Just do it anyways.

So what you are describing is much more normal than you think. I TOO have to be intentional about reading and spending time with God. It rarely has been easy for me in life. But very few things when it comes to God are easy!

One more thing, feel free to “spend time with God” in a way that fits you. For example, sometimes I sit at the piano and just play songs to Him. Sometimes I listen to music and worship Him. Other times I sit outside and think and talk to Him. Sometimes I read 2 verses and think on them. Things don’t have to only be reading and praying. Be creative! Spending time with God does not have to be reading 6 chapters at a time. And also, if you don’t spend time with God, don’t condemn yourself. Don’t think God hates you. Don’t run from Him in shame. Rather, just miss Him. Just allow yourself to long for Him. Beating yourself down for failing only pushes you further away from Him.

All that to say, these feelings are more normal that you may realize. Push through them the same way we push to live in a way that pleases God, because spending time with Him, is often what makes you want to spend more time with Him. :slight_smile:



As @Alycia_wood points out some wonderful ways of spending time with God “Be creative! Spending time with God does not have to be reading 6 chapters at a time. “

I would like to share some of my own experience. I have been unwell for a very long time now and little by little the flame within me, the joy, the peace, started being replaced with just getting through the day. I found myself going through the same experience that you mention in your post. However, I recently re-connected with friends from the past and through their prayers and fellowship with those who are on fire for the Lord, they have reignited that passion and joy of spending time with God. I think I fell into the trap of reading and reading but not spending time with the Lord in a joyous way.

Since I have started going to church again and spending time with like-minded friends, I feel reenergised and find that I want to spend more time with our Lord and Saviour.

I recommend finding like-minded people, whether they are local to you or on here; I pray that you will find that they will help your faith grow and spending time with God will become more and more natural.

Prayer is a wonderful way to express whatever is on your mind including your doubts, frustrations and wishes.

I hope this post helps you in some way.

God Bless


I go to nature to get recharged. For me it is the beach- the power of the waves and beauty makes me feel His presence. Sometimes however, it is just a visiting cardinal out my window. God must know I love cardinals and I feel like He is saying, I am here, don’t worry. Do you have a favorite nature spot. Go and be still and just look around is my answer.


That’s what happens when you get drowsy.

Thank you everybody for your answers, all your suggestions were very helpful. I will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi Emma,

What Alycia talked about is an absolute truth and moreover, your relationship with God is unique. Think of it in a natural way where being a teenager sometimes listening to your parent is not something you will do all the time. Going out with friends and spending time with them becomes most important thereby ignoring your parents which does hurt them but that doesn’t change the relationship at all. By the time you start growing you start realizing what could have been the better choice. We all do mistakes and it’s evident and God is aware since the spirit is high but the flesh is weak. But that should not stop you from following the right path. Athletes, educationists etc. all go through this where they learn to develop a discipline and that keeps them on track. Exercising everyday for so many hours, going through the same subjects everyday isn’t something the individuals like to go through. There is a constant fight between mind and body. However, eventually sticking to the discipline makes all the effort worth it at the end. So don’t worry at all…I couldn’t have put the solution as effective as to what Alycia provided to you. Hats off to you Alycia_Wood! and Emma you are on a wonderful path…your question in itself talks about the direction you are about to head out since you certainly felt that something wasn’t right…God is helping you here…so take the leap

There is no “one size fits all” because God is so creative! My advice, take a little time to consider more deeply Alycia’s advice about “what fits you.”

There is a great book called Sacred Pathways, and here is a good summary of the different ways people connect with God.

Think about the times and ways you do feel connected with God, and consider what it was about those times, then choose those situations and see what you find out about yourself.

For myself, I love studying science and the incredible beauty of what God has made and how it all works, and I love talking about these things with others. I connect with God in worship and other ways as well, but science is my go-to!

You certainly want to get to know God’s Word better, and that too can be a search for the way that works for you.

Blessings in your journey of God-discovery and self-discovery!


Hi Emma,
As Alycia said, you are not alone, we feel your ‘pain.’ I’ve come to except that as long as I am in this world, maintaining the momentum in my spiritual life will always be a a struggle and process. As Paul said, "And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. (2 Corinthians 3:18 ESV) This life is a transformative process. :slight_smile:

For me personally, I have found that engagement is what keeps the momentum of my spiritual life moving onward and upward. When I’m engaging people of other worldviews on a daily basis, entering into spiritual conversations, asking questions that put the “pebble in the shoe” of a person so the Holy Spirit can begin working in their lives, etc., the engagement acts as a catalyst in helping to keep me in the “spiritual zone” so to speak. These conversations create a desperation that causes me to dive more deeply into the Word for answers to the questions that others are asking so I’ll be better prepared to help my non-believing friends and those I meet to take one step closer to Jesus Christ. One of the mottos that Stand to Reason ( has is: “Be reasonable-An Ambassador has informed convictions (not just feelings) gives reasons, asks questions, seeks answers, and will not be stumped by the same challenge twice.” I don’t always succeed in every conversation, but those stumbles drive me back to a deeper dive into His Word so next time, I’ll be better prepared to help the person the Lord has brought across my path.
The verse that I try to implement and live each day is Col. 4:6: “Conduct yourselves in wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, that you may know how to respond to each person.” For me, witnessing/engagement is the key to a robust and vibrant life and relationship with the Lord, as it causes me to draw close to Him in desperation for all I need and lack, and it brings a supernatural fulfillment in knowing that I am doing my part to fulfill the Great Commission He has given us.
One last point, when studying the other day it struck me that Jesus’ first Words in Matthew were, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men,” (Matt. 4:19) and His last words before ascending to Heaven were, “But you will receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and you will be witnesses unto Me…” (Acts 1:8) I found that to be a nice pair of 'bookends." :slight_smile:
I hope this is helpful. I will be praying for you.