My Question: why should we hope?


Hi everyone, my question is, why should we hope?

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Hey @Sumitranaidu,

More and more I’m seeing how absurd my answer to this question is to my unbelieving friends and family. But because our Christian hope really is so beautiful and rich and perfect and unique, I totally see why!! I think for a lot of my close female friends, their hope is that one day they’ll have a nice guy love them or they’ll have kids or they’ll have a better job. They put a lot of emphasis and energy into these things (which are obviously not bad things to strive for) and can be devastated when those things don’t end up filling the empty whole inside of them they way they’d hoped they would…

To me, hope is that Jesus truly did die and then was bodily resurrected, AND is coming back to Earth to renew creation, join it with heaven, and resurrect and reign with believers forever. I think that is the fullest expression of Hope that exists and if we believe its true, we see that it permeates every aspect of life, because the God who did that is with us right now and is sovereign over all life and wants us to join Him in this redemptive work. We can fully surrender our lives to Him because He is fully and perfectly trustworthy and good.

But for me, this truth has been slowly working its way from my head to my heart for many years. I know I believe it logically, but the more it moves its way to my heart, the more it demands of me and the more I delight to give it, even though it requires hard and painful sacrifice sometimes. If that is the center of my hope, than my chief concern in life should be to glorify God, share the Gospel, love people, know God and worship Him. But my actions sometimes prove that I am still putting my hope in other things. This is where I pray and ask God to help me grow…

This book, by NT Wright, was really massive for me in shaping my understanding of Hope- what it is and how we should live because of it. I would highly recommend it as I think it answers your question so so well.

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When you say

Do you mean that by hoping it is possible that hope will not be realized, ie hope implies doubt, and doubt implies the possibility of hope disappointing (wishful thinking)? Should we bypass hope and go straight to belief? I am curious because s to your thoughts on this I think it is a great topic.

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