My Question: Will videos have subtitles?

I know this is the beta testing stage right now. Will the content have subtitles/captions for the Deaf?
The daily Take Five videos do now.
This makes it easier to understand, share and watch.
Regards… Jim Willis

Hi @jwillisbarrie ,

We would like to provide subtitles for the content, but realistically we don’t believe we will be able to have subtitles for any of the live portions of this event. We’re sorry for the problems this poses for those who are deaf who want to participate, and we will continue looking into ways to offer subtitles in the future.

Thanks for letting me know. Good to know in advance.

Sorry @jwillisbarrie, when I first read your question, I thought you were asking specifically about subtitles for the upcoming Global Apologetics Conference, but it does apply to our content from past conferences as well. It is definitely a goal of ours to add the capability for subtitles in the future, but we don’t have a timeline at this point for when that might be available.