My Question: With all that’s happening in the world past and present is it the Will of God?

Posing this question for the connect family for understanding and also would love to hear from others.

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It depends - are you asking if God made these things happen, or if He allowed them to happen.

If you mean, did God make these things happen, then no. God does not make bad things. He makes good things which fallen men and angels twist into bad things.

But if you mean, did He allow them to happen, then yes - He gives men and angels a free will and then allows them to use it. It is an incredibly powerful gift that carries with it a great responsibility. The misuse of it has been the source of all human ills. But the right use of it has made possible all human love.

Apparently God, who foresaw all the tragedy, also foresaw all the love - and in His omniscient wisdom, He knew that love would be worth it all in the end.


@jlyons very brief, short and precise! I really agree with what you have shared! take it into heart for ministering.

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