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Hi everyone,
My Question: How can we inform people who are born and brought up in another religious practice that the way they are following is far away from real God and how to tell them Jesus Christ is the one and only God and about the triune of God evidently


Such a very good question. Each person will have different foundations that they believe whether atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Islam, you name it. The first point is to see each as an image bearer: befriend and be kind. Secondly, prepare to courteously discuss their experiences, feelings, concerns and questions from the perspective of the Christian worldview of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. Within that context you may challenge - place a pebble in their shoe. If you get a chance to take the RZIM Academy’s Core Module (check out: the detail is very well explored, but in everything we do we point them to the person of Jesus Christ. So thankful you are pursuing and caring for others. Please continue to ask questions and explore. God-bless.


Sojysn, thank you for your question.
I find it is very helpful to ask them questions about their beliefs, in a way as to educate myself about them. By being truly interested in them they will be open to you and your beliefs. Ask them questions until they ask you one. You to must be prepared to answer when the time comes, but try to keep the Bible out of it at first. There is sciencetific, historic, proofs of Intelligent design, to prove the God of the Bible. When everything is put to the test of logic and truth the Christian Worldview requires much less faith then what they are believing now. Show them how much you care first, put in the time need to share and learn.
Keldon is right RZIM will help you learn the skills you need, and God will bless your efforts…

thank you…

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Hello, Sojysn @Sojysn. This is a great question because so many are rejecting the gospel in favor of following other beliefs. Or, they may never have heard the gospel, so you may have the privilege of being the one to point them to the Truth.
Kevin @Keldon_Scott and Carry@nelsonzo6 have given you excellent advice for approaches to take. I agree that the Core Module will give you a great lead into how to answer those other worldviews.
The many apologists with RZIM or others have written books or have YouTubes on specific topics that can be helpful. Currently, my favorites are J.Warner Wallace; or John Lennox; or the late Nabeel Qureshi…to name a few.
In the meantime, when you have a chance to slip a few questions in, you might ask your friends if they have historical, documented proof of their god’s existence. What has their god done for them to assure them of eternity (I would suggest reading Roman’s 5 as your basis, or John 3:16). You can use these verses to help you present the truth that your God sacrificed Himself for you, personally, and the world, corporately. Your friend doesn’t need to know they are from the Bible right away.
Or, what evidence has their god given of his/her creative work? The Book of Job and many Psalms display God’s specific acts of creation.
You can ask if Science proves the existence of their god. Science has confirmed Scripture many times. Two specific instances show how time has evidence of some interruptions that has affected its order. When God caused the time to stand still ( and when the sun’s shadow went backwards
Other questions might involve the source of morality. Or has their god ever comforted them when suffering.
Just a few questions to keep in your arsenal of gentle questions. I encourage you to look into taking classes with RZIM Academy. While not complete answers to the many questions, they point you in right directions that include resources that will give you confidence.
God bless you for wanting to reach out to your other worldview friends.

Thanks you for your time, i will try to take the course. God bless