Myles Goodwin

Good evening Eastern Time everyone! Praise God for such a platform to be available for us to use to Glory of God! My name is Myles and although I’ve had this account for a few years I intend to make use of it!
Im originally from Traverse City, Michigan but now reside on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. I do carpentry here and try to volunteer anywhere I can to be put in the mix with people so I can apply all the wonderful skills RZIM has taught me.
My spiritual walk was one not unlike others. Being raised in the Lutheran church by a single mom, I was always being poured into at a young age. I attended a Lutheran private school for a number of years as well. However like everyone else in the world Christian home or not, we all have to make that personal devotion to Christ. Mine would come many years later after numerous run ins with authorities of every kind, drugs, illegitimate relationships, and a son from a live-in situation.
I was very politically involved and started taking online history and political philosophy classes to further my understanding. This inevitably lead me to discover very important truths such as human equality, dignity, and others that were essential to the American founding. What I didnt realize was how every good thing that we believe to be true has its root and dependency on God and His word. This was all The Lord’s doing obviously because all truth comes from Him and only by His mercy did He lead me to it. This all lead to what I call a good citizen Christianity outlook that is very communal and civic but lacks personal change. After living that way for a few years The Lord provided me with a challenge in the form of a DUI.
That was the catalyst. Having no vehicle in the winter in a very seasonal working community with many fines to pay brought me to my knees. It was there and then that I allowed God to come close and give up my posturing to wholly depend on Him. As you know He never fails us. Well theres a lot more but now I’m married (as of June) spend a lot of time with my son, am involved with a wonderful Church where I fill in for Worship Ministry and direct Children’s Ministry. I hound the local Letter’s to the Editor applying Biblical truth to current issues and I volunteer habitually lol.


What a blessing to read this testimonial introduction :heart: Hi @Myles_Goodwin, it’s wonderful to have you here. I am really inspired by your journey and I am sure many other will be. We have a place here on connect to share your testimony if you are willing and have the time :pray:t3:
I hope to read more from you as you engage here with us. We all need encouragement and your testimony would bring healing to those who find themselves in similar situations. God does not give up on His children :heart: I am so thankful :pray:t3:


Hello, @Myles_Goodwin, and welcome to Connect! I appreciate your willingness to share your heart here as an encouragement to others. It has certainly encouraged me. How our Lord promises to leave the 99 in pursuit of the one! We are blessed with His unconditional love and grace.


Amen sisters!!! I appreciate your encouragment!:slight_smile: Praise God for using brokeness for His completing!


Welcome aboard @Myles_Goodwin. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your testimony. From one michigander to another I am glad that you have found your way back to connect. I trust you will be blessed by your participation here and that others will be blessed here because of it. Please do consider posting your full testimony: About the Member Testimonies category. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you brother for that word and just out of curiosity where part of Michigan are you from if you dont mind me asking!?

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