Myths against christ?


In a discussion last week about christian faith someone laid a mythical source and story on the table as a thrustworty source next to the Bible. It was about the myth of Lillith before Eve. Since the person does not believe in the existence of Adam and Eve. He took the source actually as some truth. That made the discussion kind of difficult for me. Some people see the biblestories also in line with these myths.
The person i had a discussion with accused me of just picking the sources i wanted for defending my christian faith. Actually i had never heard of Lillith but i had a guess because i knew that the person reads a lot about myths, philosophy and extraterrestrial life. He believes that everything is energy and so there is no real evil or pain. This is to draw you a picture of how difficult the discussion was.
My question now is how about dating the sources of Lillith. Are these stories written before or after the biblical sources. Did Abraham believe these stories before he learned to know the Lord? When the person showed me the page of the stroy he said it was a myth. The problem is i think that hetis possitioning the source next to the Bible. How can i engage in a useful conversation?

What to say?

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I think the best way to present evidence in this cases is to put into trial the veracity of the documents. I suggest that you ask this person from where he got the information and if this tale about “Lilith” has reliable historic evidence. Usually this myths appear in 1 or 2 ancient documents, paintings, drawings, stones etc. Thats why they are called a “myth”. Now, you could argue that the Bible according to scholars like Mike Licona or Gary Habermas, has about 5800 manuscript copies, this makes the Bible the most reliable document in history and it is almos imposible that someone “made up stories” because when you think about it, is someone changed something you have around 5799 other documents that can tell historians the truth.

I will leave some links that talk about Bible veracity.

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Hi @JvdB,

As @juansebravo95 said, there’s no other document like the Bible with the same archeological evidence of its truthfulness. So it’s not sincere to say that every old document has the same level of truthfulness. And even if the document is very old, this does not prove that it is telling the true story. For example, we have some apocryphal gospels, and they pretend to tell the “true” story of Jesus. They are old but external witnesses show them as false.

In the case of Lillith, studies say that it became from ancient Mesopotamian myths. And later it was adopted by some part of Judaism. You can find more here:

But the main point here is that you are not “selecting” sources that accommodate to your mindset. What is happening here is that (like in every movement in history) there are sub-groups of people that like to change what is cannon and set their imagination free. Like the gnostic gospels, some Jewish sects, or a Simpson’s conspiracy theories group.

I pray that person that introduced you to Lilith’s myth can see that he is pretending to be unbiased, but he is giving equal value to a questionable source and an ancient, truthfulness, always-believed by large groups of people document (the Bible). And I also pray God gives you the wisdom you will need to show him the gospel :slight_smile:

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Hi @juansebravo95 and @Renzo.DG,

Thanks for your answers, I do appreciate it very much. I’ll investigate the links. I think one of the problems we encounter more often is the dating of mythological sources. People are convinced that these sources including the Veda’s are older than the Bible and so that the Biblical narrative is derived from these older sources. That makes Adam and Eve also a myth.
It is hard to get through these visions.
I on the other dont think that these sources are older but that there is a problem with dating methods. Like the dating difference with for example the Egyptian history. I believe that different dynasties in Egypt are happening in the same time frame.
How do you see this?

Thanks for praying!

Hi again @JvdB!

I’m not an archeologist so I don’t know the details about Vedas, but I found this amazing answer from one of our members here in connect:

I think it would be very helpful to you :smile:

But despite that, I think that a worldview proves its truthfulness by proving logical consistency and empirical adequacy. In that sense, only Christianity is able to stand firm in the truth.

Here it is a small video of Ravi teaching this:

God bless you, brother!


Hi @JvdB

Yes, I’ve seen this argument. The fact that some documents are older that the Bible. As I said before I would again mention the veracity of the Bible. You have have a made up documents that is 500 years earlier than the Bible, does it’s more reliable than the Bible? Absolutely no. You have to check things like: Number of manuscripts, veracity of authors, truth-fullness of content, early citations etc. In all this areas the Bible beats any old document, that is a fact.

Again I would recommend that you check Miche Licona’s work, he is an specialist in this topics.

God Bless!!