Hello. My name is N’kosi

I live in the amazing country called Trinidad

My friend Ariel encouraged me to join.

I hope to contribute by sharing the customs and traditions our church culture has here in Trinidad.


You are most Welcom! @Nkosi_Baptiste
What a bliss to have you join us from Trinidad. Connect has been a blessing to us all and so you will come to see how this family so cares about you. With Jesus’ love.

Yes. Sharing with us the customs, traditions and culture of your community and how God is penetrating them and Transforming Lives will be a great Blessing to us all.

Be free to explore the rooms in this home. Sharing your testimony and prayer request with us. As you Join the conversations

Grace and prosperity.
From Nigeria


Hi @Nkosi_Baptiste, welcome to connect, we are thankful to have you here. We would be blessed to hear of more about the Church culture in Trinidad so feel free to share. I attended a church in my younger years with a pastor named Dan Guider who was a missionary in Trinidad for several years. We enjoyed the stories he shared with us. I trust you will find this a friendly environment with many different cultures coming together and engaging with one another. Enjoy browsing. Looking forward to your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Nkosi_Baptiste. Glad to have you connecting with us. Would love to read about your customs and traditions in Tinidad. This is a place of great breadth of experience and sharing of culture. Ask away if you ave questions. The more you participate the more you will get out of it. God-bless you and your journey.

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