Nader Kamal

Hi everyone
I am from Egypt . A friend of mine has told me about RZIM. I have just completed the application for core module Really looking forward to start it next February.
I really need to learn more about apologetic. Willing this will help me to have the answers to
very question I have and some of my church youth as well.
Pray for me


@Nader Nice to meet you!


Thanks the same here

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Hi @Nader! So pleased to have you with us on Connect! I am happy your friend referred you to this community. Thank you for taking this step to get involved and introduce yourself.

I trust you will enjoy learning and exploring here. I hope you will find that our conversations help you think faithfully about challenging faith-related questions—whether your own, those of your non-Christian neighbors, or those of brothers and sisters in your church (especially the youth!) Learning here becomes an act of service as you seek answers to be able to share with the people God has placed in your life. I am encouraged that you are investing your time in this ministry, and pray that you will grow deeply through it as well!

I hope you will feel comfortable here to listen in on existing discussions, post your own questions, and chime in with your own responses to others. Welcome, Nadar!


Welcome to Connect @Nader!


Welcome Nader! Nice to meet you!


Welcome from West Virginia USA. There is much to learn and many to help in the process as we move closer to Christ. Grow all you can and then grow some more.


Hi Nader,

It is so very wonderful to meet you!

You are in for a treat ! The core module is truely informative, Christ building, and comummity inspiring! I will love to hear from you a few months from now as to your experiences there.

As for now, we are very fortunate and blessed to have you here.



Welcome aboard @Nader. Glad you have decided to connect with us from Egypt. Best to you in engaging with the core module. The foundations you will gain by taking the course will follow you the rest of your life. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Nader,

I truly believe The Core Module will help you achieve your goal to learn more about apologetics. LaTricia @LJan presents it well, when she said,

Once you finish the core module, you may want to take an RZIM Elective, to even further your quest of apologetics.

Please take time to look around the Connect site and pose some of those questions you have. :tulip:


Welcome Kamal @Nader I am so glad to meet you. You will definitely find answers to your questions. Trust in the Lord with all your heart… And in all your ways acknowledge Him.
Ask your questions and share your prayer request and testimonies with us. Be free to join the conversations.

Grace and Peace be yours
From Nigeria.


Really thanks for your blessed words


I am really delighted to hear from you
Sure I will be glad to share my experience with the core module here.

Thanks for caring