Hi there

I’m from India, living and working in Doha, Qatar

I’ve just started the core module and was wondering if there’s anyone from Qatar doing the same course or perhaps done it in the past.

I’ve also being doing an online Bible study that’s going on for a whole year now and I’m hoping to post questions and perhaps answer some of yours too.

Looking forward to be a part of a community that helps me grow in the knowledge of Christ and the Bible.


@Natasha_Fernandes Nice to meet you!

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Hi @Natasha_Fernandes, it’s so nice to meet you, welcome to connect. You are going to love the core module. It’s been a few years since I took it but I was so blessed by the profound lessons in it. Which online Bible Study?
I trust you will find connect a very helpful place for Q&A. Feel free engage :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi welcome to a great platform ,stay connected you are going to love it

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Hi Natasha, Welcome! God bless you in your faith journey!

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@sig so nice to read your reply. Yes the course head start was so interesting. Waiting for week 2 to start.
I’m doing Bible study from
Ive only done a small portion of the Bible in about a year and there’s lots more left. I’ve learned so much from this study.
Looking forward to get many questions answered on this app.
Thank you for your reply :hugs:


Likewise Jonathan, stay blessed

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Thank you Stephen, God bless you too

Thanks for the encouragement Emmanuel!

Hello Natasha, it’s so good to have you join us. Connect is a great, friendly, and much welcomed forum for many. I know you will enjoy it.

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Thank you Mike! Really looking forward to learn from all of you

Welcome Ms. Natasha,

I am always so excited to see someone from India. It is the land of my grandparents, and where I hope to visit one day.

The core module is amazing! I know you will be blessed taking the course as it is a blessing in our lives.

Yes mam, and I know all of us are looking very forward to your unique perceptions and insights. We all learn together in our Lord.


Welcome aboard @Natasha_Fernandes. Thanks for joining us here at connect with your heart to learn and to share. Blessings to you as you commence the core module. It is rich in foundation. This one course will enable you to be able to better share the Christian world view with others. God-bless you and your journey.

Thank you for the encouragement Keldon.
Many blessings to you too

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Thank you Sanah! India is a unique country, I’m sure you will love it. If you ever need any information about Mumbai please feel free to ask me.
There’s so much to learn from the Bible, I hope I am able to contribute my bit too

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