Naveen Lankadasari

Hello everyone!
This is Naveen and I was born a hindu and accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 14.
I went away from the Lord during my teenage years and then dedicated myself completely to the Lord in my early twenties.

I am basically from South India where Dr Ravi has received a best preacher award in Hyderabad where he first preached.
I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta

Listening to Dr Ravi’s lectures has stirred my heart and I felt a strong urge to know the Lord in a more deeper way And took the core module and passed successfully.

Joining this connect to learn more and to contribute some of what I know!!

Blessing to everyone


Welcome @naveen.lankadasari. So glad you are here. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.


Hello @naveen.lankadasari I, along with many others, welcome you into the Connect community. Thank you for introducing yourself and we are grateful you have joined us.

Congratulations upon your successful completion of the Core Module. I took it about a year ago and find I am still using the principles learned, from the lessons and lectures, in my interactions with neighbors and strangers, alike.

We encourage you to become involved by asking a question, starting, or contributing to a discussion. This is your community, too, and we welcome your input.

We look forward to getting to know you better and learning from your contributions.

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth


Welcome aboard @naveen.lankadasari. Glad to have you joining us from Canada. I hope you enjoy the discussions. Please engage as frequently as you are able. You are a blessing to this site. God-bless you and your journey.


Great to have you part of the community @naveen.lankadasari :slightly_smiling_face:! Love reading of your heart for the Lord and congratulations on completing the Core Module. Well done.


Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to know, learn and interact more


Thank you for your kind words MaryBeth.
Looking forward to know and learn more as we interact

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Thank you for your kind words Keldon.


Thank you for your kind words Brian!

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Welcome Naveen and Congratulations for completing the Core Module.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
God Bless.