(Ncedile) #1

Good day all my name is Ncedile from South Africa.
I was introduced to RZIM around 2008 when I became a Christian and I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading emails ever since.

I decided to join connect in order to be learn from people who hold scripture in high regard. So mine is basically to learn from the conversations and hopefully to contribute where I can. It is very interesting to note that through media now people across different places and cultures somehow have the same questions.

(Wheeler Hughes) #2

Welcome, I hope this can be an edifying experience

(Billie Corbett) #3

Welcome Ncedile.

I hope you will be blessed in the Lord.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @Lod,

Welcome! My wife is from Lesotho, so I’ve visited South Africa many times. It is always a personal encouragement to see people join the community from your beautiful country. :slight_smile: It is interesting to see how similar our questions can be - I also appreciate the richness of the diversity of our answers, even as we unite around Jesus and seek to live under the authority of God’s word.