Need apologetic resources in Persian

Can anyone help me and my sister. My sister has an Iranian friend (or I should say, friend of a friend) who is asking about Christ over social media. He is a former Muslim but has abandoned his faith and is searching. She has been discussing some of his questions, but, the big hitch in this plan is that he does not speak a word of English and she does not speak a word of Persian. He has a Persian bible, but for all discussions they are using google translate! Not ideal! She is keen to find some Persian resources, or someone who speaks Persian, to continue to share with him.
His questions vary, from “how can God be great and die on a cross” as one of his earlier questions, but now seems concerned with sin, and seems to see himself as righteous and not think that God should save sinners. She is writing back and forth about this with him, and he seems to get some of it, but it is hard to tell with google translate.
If we could find some Persian speaking apologists on YouTube, or something along those lines that would be good, but not having much success at finding things. Any suggestions or ideas?


Brother’s name is Donald Fareed.
He is in California, I believe.
I have family in Iran.

Hey Dean.
Thanks for your quick reply and thanks for the site. I will look into it.
Who is Donald Fareed?

I follow him on FB, but don’t know him. But I can say that he has a heart for teaching the Persian people,

@myshirtlooksbetteronmysister here are some resources in Persian to pass on to your friend:
Christian Apologetics by Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

(covering almost all the subjects)

  1. دفاعیات مسیحی فصل ۱ دکتر ساسان توسلی:(Christian Apologetics 1)

  1. دفاعیات مسیحی فصل 2 دکتر ساسان توسلی:(Christian Apologetics 2)

  1. کتاب مقدس پاسخ میدهد فصل اول:

(Holy Bible answers 1)

  1. کتاب مقدس پاسخ میدهد فصل دوم:

(Holy Bible answers 2)

  1. کتاب مقدس پاسخ میدهد فصل سوم:

(Holy Bible answers 3)

  1. علم و ایمان سری اول: (1 Faith and Science)

  1. علم و ایمان سری دوم: (Faith and Science 2)

Bro please tell to that Christian sister to listen to these 3 videos by herself, in these videos they give awsome ideas so that she’ll able to explain “Trinity” and “sin” to that persian guy with islamic background in effective way!

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@myshirtlooksbetteronmysister here are some more:
Holy Bible Application-Website:

Church Website:

Christian Websites:




Christian TV-Youtube Channels:

  1. “sat7pars”
  2. “Mohabat Shabakeh”

Trinity and Basic of Christian Faith by Dr. Sasan Tavassoli:

تثلیث: (Summary)

Trinity 1:

Trinity 2:

  1. اصول ایمان مسیحی:

(Basic of Christian Faith)

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Great. Thanks!

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Wow, that is fantastic. Thanks Brian. I will go through these with my sister now. I haven’t been through them all yet…but they look like exactly what I was after