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Where are you from? Rockland County,NY

What led you to join Connect?my husband is agnostic after being a Christian. I grew up in the faith. When we married we were both believers. Albeit, he was doubtful. After my father passed in such a way of extreme suffering he became angry with God. When my daughter was born a year later with Down Syndrome he denied the existence of God. Two years later he is an agnostic. He says there is something out there. But not necessarily The Trinity. I started looking for help with historical philosophical and gentle defense of my faith. I stumbled onto Ravi Zacarías YouTube videos. Then his books. Then connect. Phew. Sorry essay long. :blush:I

How do you hope to contribute? I want to learn from and help another in similar situations.


Hi Neheli @NellyZoe16, Welcome! I am so glad you “stumbled” on Ravi’s resources (I certainly wouldn’t rule out the Lord’s providence in your path!) and made your way here to join us on Connect.

I admire your gentle and patient approach to engaging your husband through a season which no doubt has been tremendously difficult for you as well. I am sure it is having your footing firm in the love of God which enables you to love your family well, both your husband and your precious daughter. I pray you have found your strength in the Lord and been aware of his love grounding you in the midst of it all. I hope you can experience a dimension of that love and support here in the Connect community as well.

I look forward to your voice joining in these conversations, Neheli. Ask your questions, contribute your experience, and know we are delighted the Lord has brought you here.


Thank you for your kind words. Very encouraging to read. I hope God continues to provide this group with knowledge blessings and understanding. God bless you.


Welcome @NellyZoe16, and please do not apologize for sharing part of your journey with us. We are grateful you have come here and will lift your husband up in prayer. I am sorry for the pain both of you have endured. My friends daughter has Down Syndrome. We have a girls weekend every year in October. I cannot express enough, how much joy my friends daughter brings to us :pray:t2: She is incredible! I trust you will be a blessing here and I trust you will also be blessed :heart:


Thank you. It’s great having her. She is truly showing me the mercy and live and wonder of our God. Hope to learn more. God bless


Welcome aboard @NellyZoe16. So great that you have come along side us. I trust this site will be a place for help and responses. I pray that your husband takes that “sense” and searches for truth. Seek and find. Stay patient. The hound of heaven is tracking him down, and you are part of that grand chase. It is already a blessing to have you sharing and caring. God-bless you and your journey.


I too have an awesome boy with Down’s syndrome now 12 years old. He’s such a blessing to me in a tough world. I can understand why he’s in our world. Thanks for sharing part of your story :pray::sparkling_heart:


Thank you. That was very encouraging. God Bless you. I know in whom I trust. God is fighting his battle.

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