Netflix and Abortion laws

(Graham Alder) #1

I’ve been reading with great disappointment the furore in, I gather, Georgia and other states in the US, over the implementation of new legislation to restrict abortion, where Hollywood and now Netflix have weighed on threatening to pull out of assist others in fighting these moves, on behalf of the (generously titled) ‘pro choice’ side. I am a subscriber to Netflix and bemused that they would step in so obviously on one side of this debate, I just don’t see how they as an organisation have any particular role in this area. In short I’m concerned now as to where my subscription is or will be going and how I could reconcile in any way with that as a believer in Christ. I am also wary that there may be other service providers I use who I’m not aware of, who support causes I profoundly disagree with, you could quite quickly get boxed into a corner and short of options trying to find businesses who ‘tick all the boxes’. Wise counsel, which I know I’ll find here, would be appreciated :+1:

(Sally Alexander) #2

@GJAlder I don’t use such services, but I know of people who have moved to PureFlix. That may be an option for you.

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(Lindsay Brandt) #3

Hi, @GJAlder. I understand your thoughts on this, because I am reconsidering our subscriptions, as well–not so much because of convictions but because of moves that really are not respectful towards others who do not share their convictions.

As far as your conundrum about service providers you are using that may or may not support causes you don’t agree with, I think Paul may offer at least a little wisdom to that with his advice on eating meat offered to idols in 1 Corinthians 10:25-32. He told believers that if they were purchasing meat in the marketplace for their own use, then not to inquire where it came from. In other words, they were not to concern themselves with whether or not the meat had been an offering to idols. If you have service providers that may or may not be supporting causes you don’t agree with, and you have no knowledge of whether or not they are, merely using their services (as long as the services themselves aren’t in direct contradiction to the way God wants us to live) does not count for anything. Using their services does not mean, in most cases, that you are supporting the same causes they support. Now if they were to add on some special membership for an additional sum of money, stating that the extra profits from this were going towards supporting something like abortion, then I think it would be proper to refrain from purchasing that special membership. Otherwise, I don’t think we should be constantly suspicious of service providers or move to check them out. I think if they are loud in public about making a move in support of a cause that is disrespectful and discriminatory towards others with different convictions than theirs, then that is different.

I have a few more thoughts but I am not sure how beneficial they would be. What are your thoughts so far?

Also, just as a “PS,” we have subscribed to Pureflix. Although, I am not sure if it would be entirely horrible to not have television at all :slight_smile:.

(Graham Alder) #4

That’s very helpful thank you and yes pleased to hear any further comment you’d have … your last remark about going without tv, at least having it but not using it much is the way I’ve been heading, simply because there isn’t a great deal of food for the soul, a reflection of the times we are living in …

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(Sally Alexander) #5

I have never regretted getting rid of TV. There is a bit of transition, but you can look up full length Christian movies on youtube if you get desperate.

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(Graham Alder) #6

My daughters would find it a challenge more than me, albeit it tends to be YouTube videos of other children opening toy eggs?!!

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(Brian Weeks) #7

I think this is a good question, Graham, and one that, as you rightly put it, begs for wise counsel. I don’t claim to have it. But I have been helped by two specific resources I thought I’d share.

While the controversial subject in each of these resources is different from abortion, I think the same biblical principles apply and they each try to answer the same question you’re asking: When is it OK to patronize certain businesses and when it is sinful?

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