New joiner - Alicia

Hello! I am Alicia.
I am from Singapore and I joined Connect to learn from the community!


Hello @Alichew87, all the way from Singapore, welcome to connect! We are so thankful you have joined :pray: Engage when you feel comfortable or just enjoy reading and observing. If you have any questions and you want to start a topic, click on the 3 bars, top right, next to your profile and that will bring up the various forums. You can post your questions in “Christian Growth”, “Daily Evangelism” or if you have questions about scripture, “Bible Questions.” Take care :heart:


Welcome aboard @Alichew87. What brought you here? And, what do you think you would live to learn in particular if there is any? We are glad you are here, and may God grant you your desire to learn.


Hi Alicia! @Alichew87
I see you’re an alum of the Core Module? How did you like it?

I was so glad to have a new space to join in forums and continue much of the same feel from the course- friendly conversations, respectful opinions, etc.
I imagine you’ll experience much of the same!

Enjoy checking things out- feel free to jump into conversations as you feel led :relaxed: