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My name is Rob, and I’m from Tennessee. I’ve been meaning to join Connect for a while, and I’m looking forward to learning and fellowship here.

I was raised Christian but struggled with many doubts from teen years on into my thirties. Then, seemingly almost by accident, a Christian friend introduced me to apologetics. Shamefully, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I started reading more and more, and my questions were answered and my doubts melted away, and apologetics has really been a blessing to me.

By joining Connect I hope that I can both continue to learn from others, and also help people who may be struggling with doubts. I am looking forward to it!


Hey Rob thanks for joining our community of believers. The insights and input are a great joy as we learn to move deeper in Christ. May you feel welcome and encouraged as you meet all that will share.


@RobW Nice to meet you!


Hey @RobW, welcome to Connect :slight_smile: May the Lord bless your time here!


God bless Rob. Glad you could make it. Kind of new here myself and I am really enjoying so far all the discussions and sharing that goes on. People here are very knowledgeable about the word of God and there is a sincerity and genuineness here you don’t often find elsewhere online. So welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Delighted to meet you, Rob. Apologetics is a new area of interest for me. I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts. I am glad you are here!


Welcome aboard @RobW. Glad to have you connecting with us. Thank you for sharing some of your story. Thank God for your friend who exposed you to apologetics and for the Holy Spirit to convict you to seek out answers for that which you had questions. I hope this forum is a blessing in your life. You are already a blessing to Connect. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome, Rob! I only joined a few weeks ago, and I’ve truly enjoyed and been blessed by many discussions on here. I hope you find the same and are blessed by both the intellectual as well as the heart behind the many posts. I would love to hear more of your testimony as I have those very dear to me who have turned away from the faith. It’s encouraging every time I see someone return to the Lord after many years of wandering.


Thanks for all of the kind welcomes!

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