New Mind Set

(Sonya ) #1

Are the circumstances we face in life teaching points? Is the resistance of was is happening in your life creating unnecessary suffering that we should be surrendering to God?

(Andrew Bulin) #2

I believe this is really a case by case situation. Sometimes it’s our Father disciplining us. Sometimes it’s just the symptoms and travails of a broken world. And then again, sometimes it’s self-inflicted (I’m often guilty of this).

Do you have any personal struggles you or a loved one is going through that brings this question to mind?

(Sonya ) #3

No nothing personal really ; I just think that when we expect life to turn out or be a certain way and it doesn’t…that we should trust God and the process…and that if we are to surrender to him…his will be done…then does this discontenent come from not trusting that God knows best…the non acceptance of what is that causes or contributes to suffering

(Sonya ) #4

The renewing of the mind and Changing perspective…is the miracle??

(Andrew Bulin) #5

Great follow up!
I think there are times when you are absolutely right. Then there have been some recent struggles in my life where I feel like a wild horse chomping at the bit just ready for His will to begin, but I have to wait for His timing.

Otherwise, I think discontentment comes in part from this broken world that will leave us striving (Gen. 3:17-19), the unsatisfied wantings of our fleshly selves (Rom. 7:15), and hopefully a yearning to sanctified and made whole with Christ (Philippians 1:21-24).

The daily muse for me these days is to consider how I look for life outside of Christ, and consider what He may be asking of me.

How do you interpret the daily struggles in your own life?

(Sonya ) #6

I think the struggle is the lesson either things I need to wash off…eg…ego… emotions brought thru the ego like resentment anger frustration and the list goes on…there are times when I feel I have forgiven then an issue arises and all the memories flood back…and I think it is showing me areas I need to work on. I believe if I truly let go it wouldn’t have the same impact. As well; when I say ok I forgive God shows me the condition of my heart…the application or test so to speak to show me the real condition of my heart

(Sonya ) #7

The circumstances are the tests…

(Andrew Bulin) #8

I see what you mean. The past is the specter and phantom that stares with an ugly face into my future, not letting me go…

But what are you doing to live the fruit of the Spirit, to allow the Holy Spirit to work more greatly in you than before, to grow as a disciple of Christ who bears His witness? I dare not make light of your (or my) past, but we cannot erase history, so what can be done to move forward, and pour more life in to wash out the depths of our sinful pasts?

(Sonya ) #9

That’s a process and thru a series of events from repentance meaning I asked for forgiveness and changed that area of my life like 360. I have realized that some events I went thru was in fact where meant to help others. Basically I’ve been thru this this doesn’t work but here is what I would do today…so it allowed opportunity to share and the other person had a far better outcome than mine…I think this is a part of the fruit…to encourage and help another person’s painful experience and show them a better way out…I think

(Andrew Bulin) #10

I think I’m with you there. There are some places in my life where the outer shell of who I was is a rough reminder of how to live better. There are some attributes of my personality carved by the past sins, while I’d have to admit much of my personality and life has been redeemed and healed by God so that I may serve Him. There are still some things we cannot change (1 Chronicles 22:7,8).

I opened my life in full submission to God so that He may do with it what He will. In my son, I can see where his more pure in his life (if he continues down the path) and will better serve in other areas that I cannot. Nevertheless, the Lord is still gracious enough to allow me to serve Him, and rightfully expects me to!.

(Sonya ) #11

Full submission…let go and let God.