New Wine into New Wine Skins

Brooke from Hillsong shares her testimony of finding Jesus. On her own.

I love this song New Wine sung by Brooke and Hillsong. For me it was a mantra as I drove home from church today.

Some lines that hit me were:
Make me a vessel.
Make me an offering.
Make me who you want me to be.
I came here with nothing…
Make me new wine.

I think of the parable about wine skins. In Jesus every day is a day of repentance. Spilling out everything, every moment, every ponder, desire, and what we do for Him. I desire that. As God has allowed me to be healed from a truck slamming accident. At every juncture of our lives, LORD, what do you want me to do? I am never enough. He healed. He provides. I am unemployed. What does God want? LORD, make me your wine skin filled with your life. Your Holy Spirit. Your favor. Your leading. Your speaking. Your provision.

New American Standard Bible

"No one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost and the skins as well; but one puts new wine into fresh wineskins.

When we accept Jesus into our hearts He makes all things new. Fills us with New Wine. Born again in His His Spirit. But I find in each part of my life, I need his refreshment, renewal, refilling, His joy, peace, and direction.

Reminds me of 1 Chronicles 16. I have been reading this. King David brings the Ark to City of David. The Levites and Aaron Priests are making sacrifices of burnt offerings. They are worshipping the LORD with all the music, bells, and whistles. A Jam for the LORD. And David breaks out with this amazing Psalm. He blesses the people. The children of Israel was given victory by the LORD. David seeks God for every decision. The LORD talks to David on what He should do. He obeys. He is in his 7.3 year period before Jerusalem’s 33 years. He just relies on Him and acknowledges the LORD God working through Him.

LORD, I want to also. Help me. I have applied to about 50 jobs with a decent scoring resume, education, experience, but over 45 years of age and having suffered from a disability. Prejudice and discrimination were at work at some of the Hospitals I applied to. I am a mid to high level fundraiser. But the LORD has ensured that I failed or applied to the wrong charities. God showed me that one had financial problems. Etc. But what does God want? LORD fill this wineskin, direct my path, and thank you for giving me this hardship. Yahweh Chayim lives. Yehoshua died for our Atonement. He loves. He provides. “The battle is not mine the battle is the LORD’s.”



@Mkibos, thanks so much for sharing the video and writing from your heart.

I identify with what you wrote:

But I find in each part of my life, I need his refreshment, renewal, refilling, His joy, peace, and direction.

Something that I like to remind myself is that the Lord never lets us live a life where we don’t need him, and that’s such a merciful thing because he knows that we were created for continual fellowship with him.

Sometimes it is difficult – as the song says, in the pressing and the crushing. But the song also finishes it well! Where there is new wine there is new power. I think that as we get to know God on a deeper level, we love him more and more, and loving him gives us new strength to do his work on earth.

I’m so sorry that you’re having a difficult time with your job search, but I admire your attitude toward it. What does God want? That’s the question that changes everything. Praying for the Lord to open up an opportunity for you and that his peace would continue to captivate your heart.

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Thanks. I trust in Jesus for breath and work. Perhaps God is fulfilling some other thing by the wait. :heart:

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Dear @Mkibos, glad you are able to share to the glory of God, how you’ve come through what sounds like a horrific accident! Sorry to hear of your trying time now with unemployment. What you’ve written resonates with me, the past few years of my own life I would not have guessed and cannot explain some turn of events. Many have said and written that the greatest miracle of God in our lives, is what He does to change us from within. Then it flows out to who we become, what we do and how we live. I am that walking miracle. For me, as I think for most, it’s in the low points that God could work…or is it when we can then recognize what He’s doing. Either way, I would change nothing for where He’s brought me to today.
So, be encouraged dear @Mkibos to let patience have her perfect work (James 1:2-4), knowing that our sanctification is His will (1 Thess 4:3). Even as you’ve already recognized with Brooke’s song, which I too enjoy, and join you in praying…“God, keep molding away, make me a vessel…a vessel unto honor”. Keep the faith, knowing that you’re never alone, be reassured of Your Father’s love for you and strengthened by 2 Cor 1:8-9. Or as @Olivia_Davis put it…

He’s “A good, good, Father” (Chris Tomlin) You might want to take a listen… :heart_eyes:
Blessings to you in Jesus’ name! :pray:


One of my favorites. Besides… Thanks.

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God is so goooooooooood. Hes so gooood to us. He is the author of what is good.

Suffering, heartache, rejection, humiliation – He is Yahweh Rapha. Healer. Yireh. Provider. Yehoshua - Yahweh Saves, Israel’s Salvation. God is his goodness allows us to suffer. He is gracious. Thinking about Him when the disciples deserted Him when He was arrested. God the Son allowed Himself to be arrested. Crazy cat idea! But as God in the Flesh He felt the desolation of the disciples. The hurt. He knew they would. Then get your head around this, He took our SEPARATING SINS on Him on the Cross. His HOLY communion with the Father was never broken but I am sure He felt the ALONENESS that SIN creates for us. Besides being best up beyond recognition. Swollen. Dehydrated. Dizzy. Carrying your own 100 lb cross. Having nails driven into your wrists and feet to hang unmercifully on that Roman Cross. Yet He cares for Myriam, Mary, his mom on earth, and still says, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” – Besides responding to a criminal on the cross next to Him asking Him to remember him and Jesus reassures Him. “Call upon the Name of the LORD and you will be saved.” He turned in his last hours. He knew Yeshua-Jesus wasn’t from this earth. When I consider all this, getting me a job is way easier. When we consider He is SCIENCE. He programmed our 1.3B pieces of code in our DNA. God is able. Been asking God to help me. Rewriting resume again. I want to get it to rate st 90%. May God bust up the roadblocks and prepare for His post. God is SOVEREIGN not me. Alleluia! What a loving LORD God we serve. Jesus rose Himself from the dead. Dead couldn’t hold Him down. Yeah! Thanks.