New Years Resolutions and Christian Growth

Hi everyone!

Like a lot of people this time of year, I’ve been thinking through my 2019 and how I could improve 2020. As I was thinking and praying through my own “spiritual resolutions,” I figured that some of you might be aiming to build new spiritual disciplines or habits in the next year also. If so, can you share what they are and how you’re planning to go about forming them?

I’ll share mine below once I’ve worked on them some more :smiley:


I am aiming to be more consistent in my Bible reading and prayer life. I also am wanting to pair this with more in depth study. This mainly consists of me getting up earlier now that I have two kids. Lol

I am also going to do more writing this year! I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that!


My hope is that God will continue His work in me to allow me to disciple more men at my church and within my skateboarding community (Matt. 28:16-20). It’s hard work because guys are so passive and too busy for discipleship. Guys don’t want to admit they need.



@Olivia_Davis I had the blessing of participating in a small conference a few months back. The teacher taught over three days using three Bible characters to illustrate his messages.

  1. Joshua - Be in the word
  2. Paul - Be led by the Spirit
  3. Noah - Get on with the work

It impacted me deeply. He said on the first day, “Though you are out here serving, I do not presume that you are in the word daily.”
These three things have been my resolution, though I started early :smiley:


I guess my new year resolution is to start studying apologetics
And getting in contact more with Christ in every day
Purify my heart from anger, jealousy and Ego so that I can see him better in my life
Do meditation every day
Help someone everyday
Be kind even when used and abused
Give christ my life to be the driver
Remembering that God is the Pantocrator
Accepting tough times with sheer
Loving everyone
Getting over myself

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Hello @Olivia_Davis
How are you? Wishing you an amazing 2020!

My resolution is to embark on a 2-year Bible reading from cover to cover in chronological order with quite a few friends and family around the world and also @WDandy in USA. We started today.
Spiritual growth is very much on my mind. I also hope to do one of the modules (probably the one on the Bible in order to understand the culture and context as much as possible. I really desire to be grounded in the Word!
God bless you!

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These were encouraging and fun to read! Thanks for sharing, everyone.

@Joshua_Hansen It’s interesting how many goals start with getting up early! Happy to talk writing always :slight_smile:

@Parkeri1313 What a great ministry and goal! I’m praying that the Lord will be working through you and touch hearts as you reach out in that community. Keep us updated!

@brianlalor Wow, that’s so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing.

@mireillewassef Connect is a great place to dive into apologetics! I love the heart behind your resolutions…especially to be kind even when used and for the Lord to purify your heart so that you can see him. Praying for the Lord to help you discover his fullness and love in a new way this year.

@CathE What a great resolution! I’m so glad that you are able to do it within a community - it makes a big difference having people cheer you on. An RZIM module is a great place to learn more! Have you checked out The Bible Project? They have fantastic (and free!) videos on each book of the Bible and major themes.

My new goals for this year focus on Bible memorization and prayer. I’ve realized that I could be far more disciplined and intentional about both of those. To implement, I’ve chosen a passage of scripture to learn, printed it out, and plan to read it each day and try to rewrite it. For prayer, I’m learning about the things that we should be praying for (this article was helpful to me) and then going to practice implementing them on a daily basis.

Happy 2020 everyone!